Reasons for replacing accounts:

- selfie/phone at the entrance

- not logged in using cookies


Reasons for replacing the BM:

- ban at the entrance, when You did not even have time to perform any actions

- the limit stated in the product description does not correspond to reality


Check your accounts and BM immediately upon purchase, the time of checking accounts relative to the amount of purchase:

1-5 = 20 min

5-15 = 30 min

15 or more = 40 min


If you bought an account or BM, but started using it for example only after 7 days, in this case, there will be no replacement.


When contacting us, please specify immediately in the first message:

1) what exactly is wrong with your account

2) order Number (note when paying) or your email address specified when placing the order

3) Screenshot

For a replacement, contact the telegram @raffdeli


Rules for replacing VERIF BM:


1. Replacements are made only through ID verification BEFORE you log in. When working with BM or blocking at the moment of entry, there are no replacements.

2. the BM is checked within 24 hours from the moment of purchase.


How do I check the BM?


Check the BM ID for the fact that there is no ban here (check only by the BM ID) and if you see that the status is "BAN", then do not use the link. Just let us know and we will make a replacement


How do I find out that the BM has confirmed documents?


When you accept the invitation - BM link at the moment of acceptance, it will show a notification that all documents on it are confirmed.


What should I do to avoid getting banned when working with BM?


1. after linking the BM to your social account, it is strictly forbidden to delete our admin and any other users. You can only transfer it to the Employee status.

2. Create additional links to the invitation only after several successful charges in the ADS BM

Don't create new advertising offices, you should do this only if BM has removed the daily limit on the first advertising office.




Have a social account that meets the following criteria.

1. Geography of origin-Europe and RU, UA

2. Having friends from 50 PCs

3. The age of the account - 30 days

4. Your personal activity on your account for at least 7 days