Arbitrage via Facebook (Meta) on gambling partners



Arbitrage via Facebook on gambling partners


Arbitrage via Facebook (Meta) on gambling partners


If there is something eternal, then this is a casino. For all the time, the relevance of the online version of gambling has gradually replaced the offline format of gambling entertainment. Nevertheless, applications with games still require advertising, moreover, constant. This requires traffic arbitrage through Facebook. Although online games are the most stable vertical and are practically unaffected by the crisis and pandemic, there are some peculiarities in advertising settings.

Stages in arbitrage via Facebook (Meta) on gambling affiliates

At first glance, everything seems simple and consists of simple steps:
1. Select an operating system.
2. Find the application.
3. Determine the traffic source.
4. Selecting an offer.
5. Development of creativity.
6. Customization.
7. Launch of advertising.

A beginner in the field of promoting gambling applications may not quite understand all the steps, so it is worth dwelling on each of them in more detail:
Operating system

In this case, you can choose between IOS and Android. Experienced experts advise beginners to choose work with an application from the Play market, although there is an opinion that applications based on IOS convert better. This is because the iPhone has a more expensive market value. Therefore, there are many more users with Android devices. In addition, it is much easier to upgrade in the Play Market.

The app must be of good quality. A high-quality application means that it should not freeze and crash when it is launched. Ideally, if you provide a message with a reminder to come in and play. It's kind of an effective traffic add-on. Applications exist: own production, rental and affiliate programs.

Apps taken from an affiliate network have many advantages:

- they are free and designed to drive traffic to them;
- in case of freezing there is a possibility of quick replacement of the application;
- representatives of the partner network remain constantly in touch and willingly interact on various issues.

Traffic source

Until recently, Facebook was the only source of traffic. But today some users use Tik-Tok. However, Facebook gambling traffic arbitrage remains not only the most popular, but also the most effective.
1. Arbitration of traffic through Facebook has existed for a long time and everyone pours it. In order to competently set up arbitration on the Internet, you can find a large amount of training material or a person who is a real professional in this area and will provide assistance.

2. Pay Market and AppStore easily let companies with Facebook promotions pass by.
3. There are a large number of store accounts and other areas.
4. Huge audience around the world.

When working with affiliate networks, there is no need to choose an offer yourself. It takes a lot of time, especially for beginners, who will have to study a lot of information in order to make the right choice. Everything is simple - the best way is to write to the manager of the partner company and he will select exactly the offer that is converting at the moment. As a rule, managers choose exactly the offer they are pouring on now.

A huge role is played by how competently and effectively the content will be presented to the audience. According to statistics, the video is braided much more often and lasts longer. You can create a video yourself or contact professional developers. Professional designers know what kind of video can hook ordinary users. At the same time, they know exactly which ones will be moderated on Facebook.

In order to be aware of which videos are attracted, you need to watch more than one video of competing applications. Thus, it will be possible to understand the format of the desired video and the popular story.
As an example, we can call a video in which a person without a definite place of residence is presented with a phone with an open online casino application, and then it shows the cash. This video has become very popular.


Setup Process for Arbitration via FB (Meta)

In order to make the settings, you need to create an advertising account through your Facebook account. Where can I get Facebook accounts for arbitration? There are several options:

Account rental
This is an opportunity to get a trust account at an affordable price and to shed traffic as much as possible. The only drawback of such an account is the long search. To find a truly effective account, you will have to revise a large number of them.

These are the accounts that are being redeemed. It would seem that nothing is easier - buy and work. But there are some negative points.

Most suitable for single arbitration. If the work takes place in a team, it will be unprofitable to work with the same account. This is because you have to purchase 10-15 accounts in the hope that just one or two will be able to lead to high-quality arbitration casting.

Logs or brutes
These are hacked Facebook accounts of real users. Account hacking is done by guessing a password. As you know, Facebook is wary of new accounts, brutes are long-standing accounts of real people. Basically, these are abandoned accounts, whose users have stopped using it for some reason. One of the most used types of accounts.

In a Facebook account, an advertising account is created and the target audience, traffic launch goals, validity period and payment are set up.

Start Arbitration

After carrying out a competent setting, it remains only to guess at the start button. It is worth remembering that each point of traffic arbitrage on Facebook is very important and thanks to it you can attract a huge number of interested consumers to a gambling application, while reducing the cost of one click.