Working rules


Reasons for switching accounts:


  • Account suspended or restricted prior to purchase date
  • The advertising account or business manager created in this account is blocked or limited until the date of purchase
  • If the configuration of the account does not match the description of this product on the site

IMPORTANT: Before logging into your account, check it using the link!


How to check account by link?

The product comes with a profile ID (this is a link to the profile in your file with the order) - when you follow the link (without logging in to THIS account and not loading cookies), you will either open the user profile or not. In this case, you need to be authorized in any other FB account.
If it says that the content is unavailable, then it makes no sense to enter it and we will provide you with a replacement.
If it shows an avatar, photos, a wall, a first name, a last name, etc. - you can enter your account - it is alive.

Substitute your value:{INSERT PROFILE ID HERE}

example ID: 100067705545881

Example of a dead account:

IMPORTANT: Accounts are subject to replacement only if you first checked them using the link, then logged into your account, checked its quality, compliance with the description stated on the site and found a block / restriction / inconsistency! If you logged in and were blocked / requested to check or confirm - THERE WILL BE NO REPLACEMENT!

This means that Facebook considered your actions or the software you use suspicious. To prevent this from happening, follow our login recommendations - check your account using the link before logging in, log in with cookies, use reliable individual proxies and an anti-detect browser.



Reasons for replacing conventional BM:


  • If BM is locked or restricted before the date of purchase
  • If the BM equipment does not match the description of this product on the site
  • If the advertising account or fan page created in BM is disabled / blocked before the date of purchase of BM
  • If links to join BM are inactive

If you have already managed to use the link 20 minutes after the purchase, then BM will work on your conscience and no replacement will be made.
These new rules come as Facebook has now begun to take a hard look at the "trust level" of a social account that BM accepts.


IMPORTANT: Check Accounts and BM immediately upon purchase! Time to check accounts and BM regarding the amount of purchased goods:
1-5 pcs = 20 min
5-15 pcs = 30 min
15 or more pieces = 60 min

If you bought an Account or BM, but started using it, for example, only after 7 days, then there will be no replacement.


When applying for a replacement, please indicate immediately in the first message:
1) What exactly is wrong with the account or BM
2) Order number (this is 8 digits from the file name with the order) or your mail specified when placing the order
3) Screenshot confirming the problem with the product

For a replacement, contact Telegram @raffdeli


Rules for replacing VERIFIED BM:

1. Replacement is carried out only on the basis of the results of checking the BM before starting work with it! If you started working with BM (for example, you linked a card, set up ads, changed BM parameters or launched ads) and you were blocked/restricted, there will be no replacement!
2. 24 hours from the date of purchase are given to check the BM

How to check BM?

In the file with the order, you receive a unique token from us. This is site for generating links. Go to it and submit your token to receive an invitation to accept BM. After that, the site will show you the username and password from the mailbox. Save these details and log in to the specified mailbox. In 10-15 minutes, an invitation letter will arrive there. Use it to connect the purchased BM to your Facebook social account. Go to the "Account Quality" section and check if the purchased BM has any locks and restrictions. Compliance of the goods with the declared configuration can be checked in the BM settings.

How to find out that BM has confirmed documents?
When you accept the invitation link, BM will show a notification at the time of acceptance that all documents on it have been confirmed.

What to do in order not to get banned when working with Verif BM?

1. After linking BM to your social account, it is strictly forbidden to delete our admin and any other users. You can only transfer to the status of an Employee.
2. Create additional invitation links only after several successful payments in ADS BM
3. Do not create new advertising accounts. Do this only if BM has already removed the daily limit on the first advertising account.

IMPORTANT: Attach a verified BM only to a social account that meets the following criteria.

1. Geography of origin - Europe or USA, CIS (except Russia and Belarus)

2. The presence of friends - from 50 pcs

3. Account age - from 30 days

4. Your personal activity on the account from 7 days