Cookie recommendation

To work with accounts that use cookie authorization, be SURE to use the browser anti-detection feature

Important: we Recommend using anti-detection browsers because they replace the iron prints that FB sees.
Regular browsers can get burned before FB and throw Your ACC on a selfie.
Substitutions are made only if the browser anti-detection is used.
Although, if you use good proxies, you can work with a regular browser. Many of our customers do this.

If you are using a MAC (Apple) computer, then you don't need an anti-detection browser. Just create a new profile. This is due to the fact that all computers in the world produced by Apple have the same indexer and the FB does not pay for it.


P. S all known antidetect browsers work on the basis of either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox


How to log in using cookies:


In each order file, cookies are included in the package and have the format:

[{"domain":"", "name" is a very large string and it usually ends with "}]

(it is not necessary that cookies start with " Domain” - this does not change anything – the instructions below are the same).

How to log in using cookies:

Install the Cookie-Editor extension

Download the extension for Mozila:
Download for Google Chrome:

Instructions for importing cookies:

1. Go to the website (the authorization page opens)

2. In the extension, click "Delete All" (garbage icon) to clear all cookies on the site

3. Click the "Import" button and insert the full cookies from your order file (from beginning to end) into the window – only cookies, nothing more (login, password, profile ID, etc – - you do not need to insert them there)

4. Click "Import" again - after which the extension will notify you that the cookies have been created.

5. Refresh the open Facebook tab by pressing ctrl + R

6. You should automatically log in to your account.





How to extend the life of your account and gain more trust (warm up):




1. Most important to use antdetect browsers and good individual proxies

2. We recommend that you first go to your account on the cookies and just go out with him

3. Again go to your account in a day from the same IP addresses

4. To look through ribbon and attach BM


Other recommendations:

- do not add anyone to friends

- don't send messages to new people (RECOMMENDED: answer incoming messages and video calls)

- don't add photos

- do not leave your account without moving the mouse for more than 5 minutes immediately when you first log in

- behave like a real ordinary user. If you first went to FB and went to set up ads as a professional, FB will see this activity and throw you on a selfie because the average user does not have such skills.

- FB, this is a machine with artificial intelligence. Do not worry if she beat You, real traffic Arbitration Gurus - use 100 accounts at one time, up to 50 traffic drains, of these 50 PCs show the result of 10 PCs (the result that covers all their expenses and allows them to earn from a million rubles a month).
It's difficult, but you can.

- The more you warm up the ACC, the more chances you have to merge the ad into a plus


If you read this text to the end - take a coupon for a 5% discount - WorkCookie


Convert cookies to a different format? (for professional users)

Use the decoder -
If JSON is required -


You can always contact our support service and you will be answered by experienced people who are engaged in arbitration themselves and will tell You if there are difficulties and unclear points.



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