What are invitations to BM?

These are special links that you can use to join the BM with administrator rights


What is the limit?

The limit is the maximum amount of ad promotion per day. This does not mean that you can buy a BMW with 50$ off it without paying for advertising. You'll still have to pay.


Why do I need additional invitations?

They are used as insurance. In case the main social ACC that the BM is linked to is banned, you can link another social ACC to the BMU and continue to pour ads. This is why there are products in our store that have 2 invitations


How do I get access to the BMU with a link?

1. Log in to your social account

2. Follow the link (example:; enter your first and last name; enter your password from social ACCA FB

3. That's it, you've got a BM in which you already do what you want.






What are the BM-s and what are the limits?



1. Business managers with a limit of 50$

2. Business managers with a limit of $ 350 (more than a trust and the ability to create 5 Advertising accounts)

3. Business Manager with a limit of $ 350 + confirmed documents. These are the BM's where we confirm the real legal entity when creating them, thereby increasing the level of trust on the part of Facebook.

P. S in the course of work, usually for 2-3 billing (billing - stage of Deposit payment), the limit can be increased from $ 50 to $ 350.


What should I do if the BM gets banned?

- If the BM received a Ban during the initial login , this is a guarantee case and we give a replacement.

- If the ban arrived in the process of working, it may be for several reasons, for example:

Reasons for the ban:

- SOC ACC was suspected of suspicious actions

- Bad sewer Domain is included in the black list

- The Bank that owns a plastic card is on the FB's list of suspicions

- Map, domain, proxy-previously used in other ROK and received a ban

- Advertising of prohibited materials and content

- User complaints about your ad

- Suspicious actions (for example, you tried to enter different Bank cards or email address several times in a row)


If the ban arrived in the process of operation, the replacement is not made.

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What should I do if I am asked to confirm my email?

1. Go to the BM settings
2. We take temporary mail (but it's best to use Yahoo mail - this way your account will have more trusts and fewer bans)
3. Enter your email address in the settings
4. A confirmation link is sent to your email
5. Click on the link