Traffic arbitrage 2022: trends, verticals and offers



Traffic arbitrage 2022: trends, verticals and offers


Арбитраж трафика 2022: тренды, вертикали и офферы

Consider two types of verticals relevant in 2022:

1. Classic. A vertical that is highly reliable and brings a stable income. Will be in demand as long as arbitration exists.

2. New, growing rapidly. They were created quite recently, and have already managed to consolidate their positions in the arbitrage market. Their advantages are in conversion and relative honesty.

The undying classics include the niches of gambling, dating, shopping and nutra. Tovarka tends to adapt to modern realities. For example, army paraphernalia is currently in all trends.

Another category so far also allows you to get a good income (as it used to be from nutra and gambling). This includes:

- Cryptocurrency. There are several years, the peak of growth came in 2020 due to the explosive growth of the bitcoin rate (during the pandemic). Crypto is still easy to find in trends, but the reason is different: exchange rates continue to fluctuate and users face the question of where to invest their money;
- SP/BS-offers. Here the user pays for what is subscribed. Most often, these are thematic courses (on weight loss, rejuvenation, business on marketplaces and even horoscopes).
There is also a demand for various courses that provide training in arbitration.
In 2022, gray and black arbitrage is destined to go to distant positions. White arbitrage is gaining weight and is becoming more and more in demand. But gray options are also viable: adult, gambling and betting.


Verticals in traffic arbitrage 2022


Consider niches that are in trends. Each of these verticals can provide a good income.

1. Tovarka and nutra

Online sales are growing steadily. You should not expect much more productivity from the white option than from nutra-offers with a wow effect and a tough approach. But ad networks have pretty strict rules, so the white guy is in the lead.
Black and gray arbitrage are becoming more and more irrelevant.

Top product trends:

- news showcases;
- SS-offers;
- goods for agency accounts in Tik Tok.

1. News showcase. Quite a relevant topic at the moment. With the advent of LuckyFeed and Newsprofit, which have ready-made templates, it remains just to send traffic and test pages, approaches. Almost everyone can enter this niche, even with a small budget.
2. Straight sale. It becomes very popular. Affiliate commissions are charged for a purchase made by a user. These are the same products with a wow effect.
3. A friend from TikTok. Pluses in small investments and tolerant moderation. The disadvantage of this method is the number of offers that you will agree on.
The dating niche will be relevant at all times. The conversion here is very high. The topic of dating is perfectly moderated in the main social networks.

Gambling and betting

Gambling is one of the most popular verticals. This type is suitable only for those who have gained quite a lot of experience, since there is strong competition in the niche.

Beginners and novices should be prepared to spend around $100. But it's worth mentioning that you can get a good income from teasers, and even free traffic.
Why you should pay attention to gambling. Variants of approaches that have been tried more than once still give real income so far (habits tend to change more slowly than casino trends) and will be relevant for a couple more years for sure.

In 2022, an unprecedented popularity of cryptocurrency is expected. It attracts not only with its popularity and demand. It has advantages over fiats (the official currency of states), the crypt is not ignored or banned. Against this background, advertising networks have less and less requirements for cryptocurrency offers.

Tik Tok Arbitrage in 2022

TikTok is in a similar situation. But the problem is that it is now forbidden to stream from Russia on this platform. The measure is temporary, associated with a huge amount of political advertising and propaganda.

VK activity

For affiliates operating in Telegram, everything is simple: any vertical is still available. In VK, everything is much more complicated. The presence of moderation is felt, although not so strong, and advertising is many times cheaper.