Traffic arbitrage: how and when it appeared


Traffic arbitrage: how and when did it arise


Арбитраж трафика: как и когда возник


Traffic arbitrage is a special system that is based on attracting customers with the help of a partner (referred to in the network as a webmaster) and his traffic. The first mention of affiliate marketing was back in 1996. Despite this, in Runet the very phenomenon of traffic arbitrage began to become popular in 2010-2012. Such a chronology often confuses users and causes some bewilderment. That is why this article contains all the interesting and useful information about the occurrence of arbitration.


How did affiliate marketing begin?


 Users disagree about exactly when affiliate marketing began. After carefully checking all the forums, chats in messengers and topics in social networks, we can safely highlight several main opinions of users on this issue, namely:

1. In Runet, traffic arbitrage began to actively form back in 2009-2010. A striking example of an offer of that time is the sensational "Titan Gel".
2. The phenomenon of modern traffic arbitrage came from the popular securities and stock market.
3. The first mention of affiliate marketing dates back to 1996. Its progenitor is called "Amazon" (a company with a worldwide reputation). On the network you can find two opinions about the origin:
o At that time, the company's management gave its employees permission to post links to products from the Amazon online store on personal pages on social networks and other sites. Employees who were able to lure users to purchase in this way received a good reward from the company.
o At an Amazon party, founder Jeff Bezos was approached by a young writer. She proposed a format of cooperation that was non-standard at that time, which was as follows: she places her books in the catalog of their goods and pays them a percentage of each sale.
4. The first official mention of the concept of affiliate marketing was recorded in 1998. While the American entrepreneur William J. Tobin and part-time founder of the famous company "PC Flowers & Gifts" developed an innovative model for paying commission for the sale of his goods for the company "Prodigy Network".
5. In Runet, Umax is considered the first affiliate program. Somewhere before 2005, their grid was the largest in terms of payouts in the network. Many argue that it was in 2003, at the time of the creation of the Umax affiliate program, that arbitration was born.

First official mention of traffic arbitration

 "Traffic arbitrage" is also called "affiliate marketing". For many it will be a novelty, but these two concepts still have some differences. The term affiliate marketing began to be mentioned just the same in the distant 90s. But the modern "arbitration" was recognized only in 2004, namely on December 8th. It was then that Google published the first notifications about blocking sites under the MFA, and the search engine gave the name to this for the first time - affiliate arbitrage. And although the original page has not been preserved on the network, the source of the text can be found.



 Summing up, we can highlight several important points. The official progenitor of affiliate marketing is still considered to be the Amazon company, whose management in 1996 officially allowed its employees to lure customers by placing links on the network, and receive additional profit for this. The first official mention of the phenomenon of "traffic arbitrage" dates back to December 8, 2004 and is associated with Google.