Traffic arbitration in the rating. Scheme and strategy



Traffic arbitration in dating. Scheme and strategy


Арбитраж трафика в дейтинге. Схема и стратегия


Dating niche is a topic that will be relevant always and everywhere, which means that you can always make a profit from it. Let's find out what types of dating exist and take a detailed look at the scheme demonstrating how to make money without initial investments.


Consider in more detail

There are countries with special specifics where dating is not popular (for example, Saudi Arabia). Obviously, unpopularity is due to the cultural or religious views of citizens. However, in most states, this niche is still common.

There are two types of dating:
1. Mainstream.
2. Adult.


A standard white theme, dating for finding a soul mate, friends, starting a family, etc. In other words, the most common dating site. Their advertising is possible on any site. Payments on them are accrued for registrations and they are relatively small. Income is created by performing a variety of targeted actions.

The niche is white, they will not give a ban, you can pour from any sources.

Adult (18+)

Adult theme, dating for one night and everything related to sex. This is a more popular and profitable niche. It allows you to earn much more than on ordinary acquaintances. But it should be understood that adult is prohibited everywhere, therefore, its advertising in various traffic sources is not allowed. But this is if you advertise openly.

For adult topics (this is black), Facebook and other sources give a ban, you need to have knowledge of cloaking and circumvention of moderation.
The payouts are good, and such advertising normally enters the audience. However, for advertising, it is necessary to use complex systems, for example, with prelanding, which will be white, and then direct to a real page with an adult.

SEO promotion is also actively used, large sites are founded for adult queries.

Similar traffic sources:

1. Any.
2. Social networks.
3. Pushy.
4. Neytiv.
5. Clickander and popander.

You can pour from almost everything that exists on the Internet. In this sense, the direction is universal.
Neytiv, clickander and popander allow you to get fairly inexpensive traffic, you can start with them. Apply different GEO.


1. Competition (but it should be understood that it is present absolutely everywhere).
2. It is necessary to look for fresh offers.
Old and well-known affiliate programs for a long time, whose age is 5 years or more, pose a danger due to the fact that too many people are registered in them. And you can demonstrate advertising materials are for them, and the person should specify his old information for registration, and the lead will not be counted to you.

And you will not be able to determine who is already registered, for example on Mamba, and who is not. It may happen that you will pick up an audience of which at least half have been registered there for a long time. In the new product, such a risk is completely absent.
Your success mainly depends on the novelty of the product you are promoting. You do not need to take for old and hackneyed offers that everyone is tired of, you will definitely not be able to earn from them.

The same rule applies to markets, that is, the geography of promotion. There are states in which a lot of things have already been promoted. And there are new places that are not worn out in terms of dating.

We recommend focusing on countries such as:

1. Asia (only India should not be taken).
2. Latin America.
Types of offers

CPL stands for lead fee, in our situation it is registration.
However , it comes in two varieties:
SOI - payment is made for a single action, in other words, the user just registered and that's it, and you were immediately paid for the lead. However, they also have lower rates, it is clear why, because there will be a lot of bots and fake applications.
DOI is a double action. This means that a person needs not only to register, but also to confirm their profile. Of course, advertisers prefer this option, the rates for it are much higher.
In general, dating is one of the easiest options to start working in arbitration.


Earnings scheme without initial investments

To receive money on the machine, how do you like this option? That's what it's called without investments, completely passive income. But why is that? Yes, because the script will be responsible for all the tedious work, which will only need to be configured, and then sometimes controlled.


Clickbait creatives for dating

Many people use ideal women, models, and even badly processed in Photoshop in their creatives. But it is better to choose the simplest girls.
Zennoposter has special templates that allow you to turn any image into a more interesting option.
This contributes to an increase in CTR, and therefore reduces the cost of advertising, while revenue increases.



They are necessary to bypass moderation, and also help to warm up the audience.


Final Tips

It's hard to start, but it's the same in any case. But then you will get used to it, you will have arbitrage neural connections and you will be able to shovel money.

* It is recommended to take bourges. There is almost nothing to do in the CIS market. A minor hindrance will be foreign languages, but it can be solved.
* Photo. Here you need to think carefully about where you will take them from. Success depends almost entirely on images in advertising.
• Try different traffic sources.
* Start with small budgets and then expand.
* Try different audiences.
* Test different geolocations.
* Look for fresh, recently (no more than six months) opened affiliate programs.
• As for various kinds of spam, it works quite poorly. There are examples when spam is sent to VK from the profile of a beautiful girl. But this system is starting to work worse and worse.