Traffic arbitration in Facebook-an overview of important chips



Facebook Traffic Arbitrage-an overview of important chips


Арбитраж трафика в Facebook - обзор важных фишек


Getting Facebook traffic is neither easier nor faster than it was in the early days of Facebook's popularity.

The obstacle concerns both Facebook marketers and professional bloggers and online authors who need good support from a billion-dollar social platform.

As millions of people exchange billions of updates every day, getting support from the target audience is an increasing concern among bloggers and advertisers.

As Facebook becomes saturated with the garbage of advertising presentations and repetitive types of messages, it becomes more difficult to arbitrate traffic through Facebook, fans lose attention and interest, more or less getting used to the usual publication trends.

The result is a lack of exclusivity in the content and its flow, which often goes unnoticed.


Facebook posts can be ignored


Facebook Insights ' built-in section analysis shows how many regular posts made from your brand's Facebook page are ignored in a day, week or month. The problem of the filtered Facebook feed only exacerbates the sad story.

Here are a few reasons why no one sees your Facebook posts, no matter what efforts you make:

* Today, constant innovation and creativity in social media posts are buzzwords all over the world.
* Fierce competition means that the opportunities to surprise your audience with regular publications are now limited. With the growing competition for optimizing the quality and number of publications among Facebook users, the situation is even worse.
* The bottom line is that attracting relevant traffic to your blog or website is more difficult today than ever.
• No matter how much effort you have put into maintaining a great website or blog, without distributing your content to other Facebook circles, the work will be canceled.
• You need not only to maintain a constant flow of traffic and maintain engagement indicators, but also to improve the quality and volume of traffic.
• If you are a blogger or an aspiring writer trying to make money on Facebook in order to gain popularity on the Internet or earn money from incoming traffic, you need to follow some protocols.

Unfortunately, most bloggers end up sharing a link to their website on Facebook, which hardly appears in the first place in the news feed of their fans.

Below are five steps that will help you present your blog content to a wide audience and attract their undivided attention.


Learn the secret psychology of Facebook


Facebook is so attractive because the psychological factors associated with it cause addiction.

Every important action on Facebook - posting, posting, liking, commenting-affects the pleasure center of our brain.

Facebook's rewarding sense of public recognition and other tangible and intangible benefits make it a favorite place to increase its fan base and increase Facebook traffic organically.

A blogger should know what makes others happy, respected, privileged and receiving practical benefits.

People want to be motivated, so bloggers should satisfy any reasons that improve the privacy and quality of work on social networks for fans, friends and acquaintances.

The Pew Research Center conducted a study of the life of Americans on social networks and found that 44% of Facebook users "like" content posted by their friends at least once a day, and 29% do it several times a day.

This exercise shows that maintaining contact with a friend or acquaintance causes virtual empathy, which has positive consequences.

Let's look at the types of posts that most Facebook users "like", regardless of their vertical.

Funny posts for entertainment, messages related to common events, an invitation or an offer of related messages, the distribution of prizes or related messages, messages with quotes that can be shared to motivate the invitation

The bottom line is that whether you are writing a great article, creating an infographic, or creating an interactive video for your website or blog, it should have a "Like" factor for your audience on social networks.

The perceived value of the message is what is important for the user in any social network.

Interesting content goes viral in a matter of minutes and makes it easy to get organic and network traffic from any social media platform.

Here are some of the psychological factors that blog authors can follow to attract new fans and subscribers to their Facebook page.


Ensure stable production of content that can be shared on your website


Facebook traffic arbitration begins with the frequent creation of new content.

A website or blog containing fresh and useful content not only has a high level of engagement, but is also important for social media marketing and appearance in search engines.

This does not mean that a blogger needs to curate epic articles three times a week or win content marketing contests.

Here is a list of quick suggestions that are worth considering:

* Create do-it-yourself tips and articles once a week. 2-3 paragraphs with a beautiful picture will do. You can start with the frequently asked questions of visitors, customers or subscribers of your blog.
* Post a weekly news thread with a photo of what is happening in the industry relevant to your blog. People like to stay up to date and keep others the same.
* Prepare a list of the "top 5" or "top 10" articles that are important to you. Write a short sentence and tell the audience why you care about them.
* Post a video of the interview - live or pre-recorded. Readers of your blog and experts in the subject area can make a good list of potential interlocutors.
* Send them a list of 5-10 questions, record the interview and share it on your Facebook profile and on your fan page. Performing such classes once or twice a month gives a good result. You can even reuse such materials to send newsletters by email.
* Include relevant business keywords in your social media channels. This benefits you in social networks, and also contributes to the appearance in search engines for regular search.


Optimize your arbitration methods via Facebook


After you finish optimizing the content curation methods, the next step is to optimize the Facebook publishing methods.

The traditional way, as most bloggers practice, is not ideal. They simply cut and paste the link into the status section and allow Facebook to extract metadata and photos. The problem with this method is that sometimes a photo appears in the news feed of a small size, which makes your post undermined.

If the size of the photo in your blog or website is the wrong size, the shared link will not be able to display a large photo. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a ratio of 1: 91: 1 for images in your blog or on your website, so that you save time by automatically filling in images from the link.

The best part is that they have full control over the description that accompanies the photo.

It's a bit of manual work, but definitely worth following. Since Facebook's new algorithm now shows fewer texts from pages, this alternative method of placing images, texts and links works wonders.


Find out when it's best to post on Facebook


Knowing the best time to publish your content is another prerequisite for doubling Facebook traffic. Studies have shown that user participation, such as commenting, liking posts, sharing and direct correspondence, is highest on Friday, when most people feel relaxed. Fridays give 17% of all comments, 16% of likes and 16% of reposts.

Facebook posts from more than 1.5 million brands from 6,000 brands showed 25% higher engagement in Facebook posts made on weekends than on weekdays, according to the "Content Marketing Paradox"-a TrackMaven report.

The happiness index also rose by 10% on Friday. Another study concluded that it is best to post messages on Facebook from 13 to 16 hours on working days and weekends.


Optimize your website and other web page properties to increase Facebook traffic


Where can I get Facebook accounts for arbitration? Once Facebook is easy for a user reading your blog to share your article, the chances that he or she will view your other interesting posts will increase, and he or she will become a fan of your Facebook page.

Facebook fans receive regular notifications about any new content published on the Facebook page to which they are subscribed. Make sure that you ask your subscribers to check the "see first" option.

Notifications increase the likelihood that posts will go viral among your Facebook fans ' fans. The system acts as a business channel of channel marketing, which works gradually. Your fans are more likely to invite new fans on their own. Therefore, Facebook accounts for arbitration can initially be located in other social networks and messengers.

The first step is to add a plugin for publishing in social networks or a Facebook post button to the website pages. Since most bloggers prefer to use WordPress as a CMS, it is easy to choose from the many free WordPress plugins available and apply them.

Plugins add variety to the appearance and format of the publication that bloggers want to use on their sites. You can display the social media sharing buttons on the floating sidebar or at the bottom of the message as a built-in exchange.

Installing a Facebook "Share" button and widget on a website or on blog pages also helps to increase the fan base. The number of Facebook fans displayed on the website shows the popularity index of the blog, which, in turn, encourages others to join the fan page and increases the number of visits.

By leaving comments and reviews on other community sites or third parties, blogs also help in promoting the Facebook fan page, which, in turn, provides regular arbitration of Facebook traffic.