Facebook Arbitrage: How to Drive Traffic in 2022



Facebook traffic arbitrage rules in 2022


Арбитраж в Facebook: как лить трафик в 2022 году


Traffic arbitrage is a marketing system based on attracting (purchasing) customer flows with the aim of their subsequent resale on more favorable terms. The arbitrator is in charge of buying traffic. The specialist creates and places advertising materials in order to attract visitors to the offers of customers.

Facebook is the largest traffic source today. The number of active visitors is about 3.5 billion people. Thanks to this, offers easily reach their audience.


• Low entry threshold.
• Targeted advertising interacts with a predetermined audience.
• It is possible to work with potential clients without hosting and domain.
• Specialists have several ways to set up advertising campaigns.
It should be borne in mind that the arbitrator will have to make a lot of efforts to attract new customers. The webmaster may encounter difficulties during moderation.


Why isn't Facebook posting ads?


Facebook won't let ads through if they don't meet site requirements, or if the impression settings are incorrect. There are other reasons too:

• prohibited content;
• the name or logo of the social network is incorrect;
• close-up images of body parts are used;
• content may mislead users;
• the personal characteristics of the client are indicated (gender, medical condition, beliefs, and so on);
• interactive elements are not clickable;
• the message contains negative content.

Another important nuance is that the proposed URL does not match the real one. If the message contains one link, and the client follows another, then such an ad will also not pass moderation.

Important Tips

The workflow begins with a fairly standard action - registration in affiliate programs. You can choose both domestic and foreign partners. Next, it is important to analyze and select the target audience.

Facebook allows you to set up an advertising campaign using one of three options:

• Image and text. The most common option. It is characterized by the presence of a high CTR, suitable for any service / product, quickly and easily created.
• Video and text. Suitable for a campaign focused on increasing conversion, it clearly demonstrates the advantages of a service/product.
• Animation and text. It loads quickly in the news feed, does not require serious time costs when creating compared to editing video clips.
The quality of the feed is often the determining factor in efficiency. Content must be adapted for GEO. It is not recommended to use videos longer than 15 seconds.

Log in to your account using a proxy or browser antidetect. For work, tools such as trackers and cloaking are used. A tracker is a tool designed to track sites, creatives, and landing pages from which conversions come. And cloaking is a method of distributing visitor flows, in which the content of the seller is displayed differently for moderators and users.

Pay attention to a few rules that you should always follow in order to successfully run ads on Facebook.

• Text should not be too large. If the text occupies more than 20% of the area, then such ads may be shown to customers less often than others.
• An ad group should target only one target audience.
• Use the Low Cost auto-adjustment if you don't have effective cost per click data.
During the first few days, the account will be tracked with low activity. Then the activity of the profile will increase.


Traffic arbitrage is a popular area of ​​IT business. Popularity is due to the wide possibilities of advertising sources. The term “drive traffic” refers to the process of setting up user flows to the landing page where the promotional offer is presented. The arbitrator independently selects an offer for advertising (a service / product from different directions), as well as a platform for advertising.

The most popular traffic arbitrage platform is Facebook. The audience exceeds the mark of 3.5 billion people. Advertising is configured using browser anti-detection, proxies, trackers and other tools. If the content does not meet the requirements of the social network, the ad will not be moderated. It is important to understand how to work with text content, creative.