Facebook Arbitration from scratch in 2021

Facebook Arbitration from scratch


Арбитраж в Фейсбуке с нуля в 2021 году

Social networks are used in different ways-some people just use them to communicate and solve various everyday tasks, while others are engaged in traffic arbitration through Facebook, developing their own business. Today, Facebook occupies the place of the largest social network in the world, respectively, the audience of the resource is simply huge.

What is Facebook arbitration? This concept implies attracting customers for a certain percentage of sales, but you should not confuse arbitration with CPA marketing and affiliate marketing. To become an arbitrageur, you need to have good skills in analyzing and configuring advertising. In this case, we are talking about targeted and contextual advertising on Facebook. Compared to other social networks, FB can generate an incredible amount of organic and high-quality traffic.

When using Facebook traffic, you can develop your business much faster and more efficiently, as well as significantly increase sales, which can not be achieved with the help of search engines. However, to do this, you need to choose the right strategy.

Arbitration Traffic Device 

In simple terms, traffic arbitration is a cooperation between an arbitrageur and an advertiser. In the process of work, the following scheme applies:

1. The advertiser needs customers, because he needs to sell his product or service.
2. The arbitrageur who cooperates with the advertiser receives a unique partner ID link. This link makes it clear which partner the client came from.
3. The arbitrageur is actively engaged in advertising products on the Internet, searches for traffic (it is also the target audience) and then directs traffic to his partner ID.
4. If the client is interested in the product and bought it, the arbitrageur receives his percentage from the advertiser.

The formula is quite simple: the arbitrageur gets a reward, and the advertiser gets new customers. To make the entire Facebook arbitration process even more understandable, you need to understand the basic concepts:

* arbitrageur-a specialist who buys and resells traffic (attracts customers);
* lead – a potential buyer who has completed the necessary target action;
* landing is a small one-page site where an advertisement directs customers;
* CPA-a payment scheme that implies remuneration of the arbitrageur for certain actions of site visitors;
* offer – an advertising offer from the advertiser.

These are just basic concepts, which are quite enough to understand the essence of what is happening.

How to effectively arbitrate traffic?


It is worth recalling that traffic arbitration on Facebook is one of the best tools for attracting customers and popularizing a product. The social network also allows you to establish communication with users, gain their trust, and exchange various useful information. There are two main ways to attract targeted traffic: free and paid. The free method is especially interesting for novice arbitrageurs.

Next, it is worth highlighting the most effective ways to attract traffic on the Facebook platform:

* You need to actively participate in discussions in groups with similar topics, while unobtrusively recommending your products, your website or group. In this case, the main thing is perseverance and regularity, which will allow you to gain a large number of subscribers.
* You need to promote a public, page or group in order to increase the number of subscribers.
* Actively work with existing clients. After all, they trust you and know you, so they are very likely to recommend your product to others. It is necessary to periodically spend a little time and remind yourself of yourself.
* Targeted advertising. Social networks are used by a very different audience of people, and the system collects data about each of them. Every time you visit FB, the digital profile of a person is collected as a mosaic (gender, age, preferences, favorite music, hobbies). Thanks to this digital profile, arbitration via Facebook becomes more productive, because product advertising can be fine-tuned to the target audience (geographical location, gender, age, etc.).
* The group needs constant replenishment with fresh and relevant content, always with hashtags. Absolutely all publications in FB will bring the necessary traffic to the site. Users who regularly visit the page and view new publications will become more loyal to the brand. The client is often interested in learning more about you and the advertised product.
* Contextual advertising on Facebook. Using Facebook ads can significantly increase your attractiveness among the audience and subscribers. Thanks to it, ads will be shown to those people who are already focused on buying. These are customers who are already looking for the necessary product in Yandex or Google.
* Display ads in similar communities. Publishing an ad in third-party groups and public sites will help make arbitration on Facebook more effective. Special exchanges like Plibber and Sociate will help in this. The option of direct agreements with the owners of suitable communities is also suitable.
* Regular publication of very attractive images that Facebook users like so much. As statistics show, a noticeable image gets 120% more interaction, compared to a very interesting post, but without a picture.

To get the maximum traffic, arbitration on Facebook in 2021 requires the use of several sources at once. Thus, profits are growing more actively due to large deductions from advertisers.


Арбитраж в Фейсбуке с нуля в 2021 году

The most attractive offers

The choice of an offer strongly affects the profit that traffic arbitration through Facebook brings, as well as the overall success of the Internet business. First, you need to choose an affiliate program that offers the most attractive offers. Some of them are really striking in their diversity: finance, games, services, mail goods, tourism, recreation, cosmetics and much more.
Next, you need to decide on the most popular product. To determine more precisely what is relevant for the majority of consumers today, it is worth viewing the Wordstat search queries. This resource shows the statistics of search query impressions for the last time. Each affiliate program forms its own list of"top offers". Products from this category are often bought due to a "wow effect" or an emotional outburst. And such products are also in demand due to the fact that they can solve an actual problem for most buyers.

In order for Facebook arbitration to be as profitable as possible in 2021, it is recommended to focus on offers (products) that help solve a specific problem. These can be products from the following categories •

* online games;
• real estate;
* shoes and clothing;
* beauty and health;
* "wow-products", etc.

Traffic arbitration and blocking of Facebook accounts

There are several million advertisers working on the Facebook platform, so the company simply cannot physically maintain relations with each of them. To do this, an algorithm has been created that can block suspicious Facebook accounts for arbitration and other activities. This happens only with unscrupulous advertisers who abuse the following things: the discrepancy between the white page (the page intended for moderation) and the text, texts of inappropriate content, a poor-quality page for moderation, too contradictory creativity, poor-quality Facebook accounts for arbitration, questionable proxies.

If Facebook has even the slightest suspicion that there is cheating on the page, the page will be blocked.

However, if you use Facebook's algorithms correctly, you can avoid blocking your account. Adhere to the following recommendations •

* come up with your own strategy of actions for the game "for a long time", you do not need to chase the maximum earnings here and now;
* carefully study the advertising policy of the social network, which describes everything that can be done and what is strictly prohibited;
• do not mention users (typical appeals are yours, yours, you, etc.);
• understand the question – what is allowed to advertise, and what is completely prohibited;
* carefully check the reputation of the landing page (target page);
* exclude a number of forbidden words (triggers for algorithms) from everyday use: elimination of wrinkles, rapid weight loss, the result for the day.

Otherwise, Facebook will simply block the accounts, and it will not be possible to continue to arbitrate traffic to Facebook with their help.
We should also say a few words about accounts. To engage in this business, you need to know where to get Facebook accounts for arbitration, while not any accounts, but only high-quality ones. After all, FB algorithms have long learned to recognize pages for one-time earnings and pages of living people (or well-made pages). A high-quality account must have the following characteristics: unique data of the device from which the login was made, "correct geography", the user's age and account type, the presence of contact data for two-factor authentication, adding friends off schedule, separate payment data for each account, the ability to confirm the identity of the account owner.

Benefits of the arbitration business

There are no big risks in this business and it is quite easy to start, it is enough to find out where to get Facebook accounts for arbitration, decide on an affiliate program and choose profitable offers. The initial investment may be quite modest. Another advantage is that you do not need to own your own product, business or a large warehouse with goods. Also, offices, employees and storage facilities are not needed. This business is practically devoid of many problems that are inherent in traditional business.