Arbitrage in TikTok: how to pour on the inside and the goods


Arbitrage on TikTok: how to drive on nutra and comrades


Арбитраж в TikTok: как лить на нутру и товарку


TikTok is a social network with visual content that is selected individually for any user using special algorithms. When TikTok just started to go to the top on the Internet, the age of its users averaged from 14 to 17 years. At the moment, this age category also occupies a large part of the platform, but the reach of social networks has increased significantly since then. According to TikTok, the active audience is 500 million people, 14 million are adults. On average, TikTok users spend at least 52 minutes daily in the app, accessing it about 6-7 times a day. Russians watch about 8 billion videos every month.


Paid ads on TikTok.

• In-feed Native Video - these are advertising banners 5-60 seconds long, shown in the feed,
• TopView - Video up to 60 seconds, often in the banner format when entering the application
• Hashtag Challenge - a banner in the search box with hashtags for challenges
• Brand Takeover – banner at the entrance: video 3-5 sec, or picture 3 sec.

Arbitrage on TikTok: what to do before launch?


You need to create a site that should be adapted to mobile phones, since most of them sit on TikTok from their phone. The site needs to be stable because it will be bad if the traffic is caught up, but users will not be able to get to the site due to slow loading.

It is also recommended to set up an analytical counter, such as Google Analytics and Yandex. Metrics.

In TikTok, each user can gain an audience for free. Sooner or later, the video will still get into the recommendations, and with good ratings, the video moves forward, likes and views.


Setting up advertising campaigns?


If the user decides to promote without investments, but with the help of internal tools, then registration in TikTok Ads is required. The form is standard, so there should be no difficulties, and the cabinet interface is the same as the FB.


We define promotion goals:

1. "Awareness" - increasing coverage through advertising to promote a product
2. "Consideration" - increasing attention to the product
3. "Conversion" - increase in conversions on the site

Determine the budget:


1. Everyday
2. For the whole term of the company

Determine locations:

1. Automatic
2. Select

Determine the type of advertising (traffic):

1. To the site (it is possible to insert a link with a URL.)
2. To install the application

Where and through what to pour?


Current directions:


• Clothes and shoes of a certain brand.
• Electronic goods
• Decorations
• Cosmetics

Ways to drain from the network:

• Setting up advertising in YAN. Yandex Direct allows you to show videos up to 15 minutes in the feed. Direct links to the transition can be added to advertising, images can be used instead of videos. Yandex will overlay the audio track and create videos on its own.
• Account promotion. All videos appear in the recommendation feed. To increase activity, and therefore likes and transitions, you need to post up-to-date modern content that users will like.
• Buying ads from popular bloggers. Tagging a video, linking to your account, posting your content on a blogger's page, all of this increases the reach of your account.

To receive traffic you need:

1. Proper filling of the account.
2. Regular Modern Content
3. Natural videos
4. Popular hashtags to increase reach and video recommendations
5. PRO status to track video activities
6. SPY services for researching competitive campaigns to find active creatives, avoid numerous mistakes.


TikTok is a very promising source for arbitrage. In the coming years, interest in it will only increase. After you have learned how to work with this social network, you can easily make ROI up to 150, and this is not the limit.