Frequent errors when working with Facebook accounts (the main reasons for bans)


Many beginners make a lot of mistakes when working with Facebook accounts and as a result get banned or their account goes for verification.

In this article, we will learn “what actions can not be performed” in order not to get blocked. So, then 20 errors:


1. Do not add friends too much and quickly and if you do, do it only from the Recommendations section

2. Do not send messages to new people (RECOMMENDED: respond to incoming messages and video calls)

3. Don't add photos

4. Do not leave your account without moving the mouse for more than 5 minutes immediately after the initial login

5. After the first login, do not rush to immediately go to set up ads. The account must be warmed up before this. You can learn more about how to do this in our article.

6. Do not change your Email and phone number on your account

7. Do not put likes

8. Do not make reposts to your wall

9. Do not create a Fan Page until you have warmed up your account

10. Do not log out of your account using the Log Out button

11. Do not go to ADS Manager by entering the link in the address bar. Enter it only through the buttons and the Facebook interface.

12. Always work with the same IP address (proxy) - You can read more about the proxy in our article.

13. Do not change browsers or settings in the anti-detect browser. Always work under the settings that you originally logged in to your account with.

14. Do not add additional profile data (for example, university, school, etc.).)

15. Do not write comments under other people's posts.

16. Do not change your account's first name, last name, or avatar


- behave like a real ordinary user. If you first went to FB and went to set up ads like a professional, FB will see this activity and throw you out on a selfie because an ordinary user does not have such skills.


- FB, this is a machine with artificial intelligence. Do not be upset if it has outplayed you, the real Gurus of Traffic Arbitration - use 100 accounts at one time, 50 accounts reach the drain of traffic, of these 50 pcs show the result of 10 pcs (the result that covers all their expenses and allows them to earn from a million rubles a month).

It's difficult, but you can do it.


- The more you warm up the acc, the more chances you have to merge the ad into a plus