What is a BM and why is it needed?


A business manager is a so-called addition to a social account. It is attached directly to it and serves for the scalability of advertising activities.

There are 2 types of BM:

1-Limit of 50
2-Limit of 250
3-Confirmed by documents

You can read more about their differences in the articles on the links above.

The frequency and reduction of the number of locks is not particularly affected by the BM. Bm is recommended for those who have already figured out how to run ads on Facebook without bans and they need to quickly increase the volume of advertising.

Always have additional links to your Business Manager - after all, in the case of blocking your social account, the created ads on it will be unscrewed until the attached bank card runs out of money.

We do not recommend attaching more than 5 Business managers to 1 social account (by the way, you need to attach them at least with a break of 1 hour).

The BM adoption Process:

1-By the invitation link (a particularly frequent option)
In this case, you need to go through it, enter your password from the social account and click Accept BM (profit).
2-Sending an invitation to an Email (the same process as in step 1, the invitation link will simply appear on your mailbox)

You can create a Business Manager yourself - the instructions are in our article or you can buy a ready-made one in our store.