What are cookies and how to work with them


In this article, we will introduce you to cookies, find out what format they have and why they are generally needed.



Cookies are data that is stored in the browser and remembers you. In practice, this is data that is not required from you to constantly log in to Facebook. Every day you open a tab and you are already in your profile-all this, thanks to cookies.

What cookies look like:

[{"domain":".facebook.com","expirationDate":1647605565,"httpOnly":true, ......


Something like this. Sometimes they may differ in content, this is not particularly important. This is usually a very long string and has tens of thousands of characters.

How to work with them?

Accordingly, in the process of creating an account, our browser generated cookies and we can download them and send them to you along with your Facebook account username and password.


How to import purchases into your browser and log in using them on Facebook:


1. Download the Cookie-Editor extension for the Mozilla or Google Chrome browser

2. Install the extension

3. Go to the Facebook site (a field for entering a password and username will open - you do not need to enter it)

4. The extension icon will appear in the upper-right corner of your browser. There you should click the Delete All button (the trash icon) to clear the already generated cookies on your browser.

5. Import (small"Import" button) new cookies starting with the symbol [{(usually comes after the token or after the profile ID in the order file. When importing, you should only have cookies without extra information (such as a profile ID, username, password, or discount coupon)
6. After successful import, the extension will notify you that the cookies are up.

7. Update the Facebook page - the account is logged in automatically


Convert cookies to a different format? (for professional users)


Use the decoder - https://www.base64decode.org/

If JSON is required - https://coockie.pro/pages/netscapetojson/


You usually do not need to convert cookies to another format, they are already properly formed in the package.