FanPage of a new type: what is it, how to create facebook



What is the new type of Facebook FanPage and how to create it yourself


FanPage нового типа: что это такое, как создать


Facebook FanPage is a page (public, business page) focused on the promotion of goods/services. Allows politicians, celebrities, commercial and public organizations to effectively express themselves and their activities.

For a fairly short period of existence in the information field of Facebook, a new type of FanPage has generated many different theories. For example, some webmasters believe that it is not banned or sent when launching an advertising campaign on ZRD. In this review, we will try to understand how true the theories that have developed around the fan page are, what rules should be followed when creating a page.

FanPage: what is it?

Despite the blocking that was introduced on the territory of the Russian Federation, Facebook remains the most popular social network. A fan page, both old and new, is considered a very effective way to create public or business pages. For example, it can be customized to the interests of a particular product or company.

Key Features

As mentioned above, FanPage is the most popular format for presenting a product or business on a social network today. First of all, this is due to the fact that such a page is easy to brand. Webmasters can use avatar customization tools, a large and free advertising banner, which will simultaneously act as a page cover.

• There is a toolkit for customizing the lead form.
• You can create a review block.
• Visitors can search for a fan page on their own, and then subscribe to it and stay tuned for updates.

But the main advantage for an arbitrator is the ability to set up a targeted advertising campaign. If necessary, webmasters can connect a geo-tag. There is access to the most detailed statistics.

How to convert a standard fanpage to a new format?

To date, there is no effective algorithm that allows you to create a new format fan page from scratch. As practice shows, they are easy to create on some pages, but not on others. Moreover, there is no relationship between the lifetime of the page. The result is the same for both autoregistrations and logs. But, if the webmaster finds an account on which fan pages of a new level will be created, then you should form the maximum possible number, and then distribute them to other important accounts.
There is an effective method that allows you to change the status of an existing fanpage to a new one. To do this, follow a simple algorithm of actions:

• connect the additional category "politician" or "political organization";
• within the next week you will receive a message that in the near future the existing page will be transferred to a new design option;
• a button to change the design will appear in a few days;
• change the category to any most suitable one;
• run ads according to the instructions that were used earlier.

Despite the fact that this algorithm is not particularly complex, it is not always possible to change the page status. This is due to the fact that Facebook employees are constantly testing new page verification algorithms. And in many ways, the translation of the old page to the new design will depend on the rating of the administrator account.

Should I create/translate a new fanpage instead of the old ones?

To date, there is no clear and unambiguous answer to this question. Priority should be given to individual needs, not the opinion of outside experts.
But, if you carefully study the reviews and comments of users who managed to create from scratch or change the status of a fanpage, then you can see evidence of a higher level of their viability. If we draw a comparative analogy with standard FP, then pages of a new type fly off much less often. Please note that pages of any type will fly on an "unprepared" account.

So, whether it will be possible to create a new fan page on Facebook or not, it is impossible to predict today. There are already a large number of stores in the network where you can buy a new type of page.