Facebook as a traffic source for arbitration



Facebook as a traffic source for arbitration

Фейсбук как источник трафика для арбитража


Considering the main areas of work on Facebook, I would like to focus on traffic arbitration. Many arbitrageurs have chosen Facebook as the source of the main traffic. To understand the reasons, it is necessary to study all the subtleties of working with it in order.


Facebook traffic arbitration — what is it?

Traffic arbitration is the process of purchasing traffic in order to receive payment for each completed target action. The offer is put up by the advertiser on its own terms, the arbitrageur takes it and pours traffic and after fulfilling all the conditions, receives payment.
As an example, we can consider the situation.
The chair seller wants to attract as many customers as possible, but the budget for the advertising campaign is too small. Then he creates a task: to sell chairs and for each sold he is ready to pay 200 rubles.
Having registered in the partner network, he creates an offer, which is subsequently responded to by arbitrators. Their goal is to sell chairs, while spending less on advertising than their remuneration.
For example, the arbitrageur pays 120 rubles for each sale, and the purchase fee is 200 rubles. As a result, 80 rubles of difference is the net earnings of the arbitrageur.
The requirements of the offer are not always related to sales, the client can set other conditions:
- deposit replenishment;
- purchase of services or goods;
- filling out the loan application form;
- registration, installation and download of applications.
Facebook traffic arbitration - this concept provides for the use of traffic from Facebook, where the social network Instagram is also included in the advertising network.
Facebook arbitration is a rather difficult task, which has its own rules, many restrictions and requires special skills. But, if you do everything right, the income can be very significant. Given the fact that the audience on Facebook is adult and solvent, the main thing is to find the right levers of influence on potential customers.


Facebook's Popularity in Arbitration Circles

Arbitrageurs choose the Facebook social network for three main reasons: the ability to set up targeting, audience solvency and a low entry threshold.
Facebook allows you to customize the smallest details: geo, gender, age, interests of potential customers. Contextual advertising by Yandex.Metrica and Google Ads does not open up such opportunities to the customer, as well as banner and teaser networks.


Facebook's Target audience

According to estimates, by 2021, one third of the world's population (2.85 billion users) is registered on Facebook. Arbitrageurs are interested only in the part of users that meets the requirements of the offer.
In addition, most of the users are adults, working people. They are able to place an order online or pay for a small trinket.


Low entry threshold


The launch of an advertising campaign can start from $ 100. Although, as practice shows, additional financial expenses will be needed in the process for calculating profitability, testing and remuneration in the offer. If a campaign shoots with a minimal budget, then it's a lot of luck or an over-fine-tuned target.


Getting traffic from Facebook

It is believed that targeting is almost the only way to get traffic from Facebook. But, it's not. It is the most effective and in demand, but there are several other methods.
Targeted advertising (English Target - "goal") - allows you to set up ad impressions for a specific audience.
There are settings here:
- geographical and socio-demographic (age, gender, country, income, etc.);
- display of advertising campaign goals: number of views, reach, conversions, leads;
- creative design: video, images, text.
To launch, you need an advertising account in Facebook Business. For reinsurance, it is advisable to have several of them. Facebook very strictly monitors compliance with the rules of the policy and if at least one mistake is made, the account will be banned.


Advertising on bloggers, groups and pages

Buying advertising inside a social network is another way of advertising. There are thematic groups on Facebook, where a certain category of people gathers by interests and hobbies. By agreeing with the owner of the group, you can place offers or ads inside it.
Free promotion of goods and services
Facebook traffic arbitration does not work on a fee-free basis. To get free traffic, you need to send out affiliate links in comments or in private messages. Such an account will be banned, and the exhaust from the triggered links is minimal.
If earlier the saved newsletter brought a large amount of traffic, now this tool is outdated. Moreover, Facebook is closely monitoring accounts with suspicious activity.


The main difficulties when working with Facebook

In addition to the advantages, Facebook has a huge number of disadvantages in its work. Launching an advertising campaign is a simple matter, but its optimization will require special skills.
When working on Facebook, there are difficulties that some users are not ready for:
1. Complex interface. It is difficult not only for ordinary users, but also for advertisers in their personal account. A beginner will not immediately be able to figure out all the functionality.
2. Unreliable support. The support service does not always respond promptly to user messages. If a personal manager can be allocated for a large office, then the rest will have to wait for a response in turn.
3. Strict placement procedure. All advertising must comply with the site's policy, be apolitical, not offensive. If Facebook considers that the products or services offered violate their rules, the entire advertising campaign will be banned.
In order not to fall out of favor with the social network, it is important to carefully study the rules before launching an advertisement.


The most popular offers

Offers are divided into two types: white and gray. White refers to goods and services that are not prohibited by the system. Gray ones are the ones that can be banned for.
White offers: small profit, minimal risks
Great for beginners who are just learning how to set up Facebook ads. Here the risks are minimized, but the profit is significantly lower than in the gray offers.
The most popular offers for arbitrageurs:
- toys, household appliances, clothes;
- games and mobile apps;
- products of online stores.
Gray offers: high income with high risks
The probability of an account being banned is very high, it is important to have certain knowledge and constantly change domains. Payouts are high here, especially on gambling topics, but it is also more difficult to pour traffic.
Grey Facebook Offers:
- dating (dating);
- forex, binary options, cryptocurrency;
- nutra (dietary supplements, elixirs, powders);
- betting and gambling (sports betting, casino).


Principles of working through Facebook

Launching an advertising campaign should be done according to all the rules of the network, without trying to circumvent existing prohibitions. At first:
1. Choose an affiliate network.
2. Decide on the offer.
3. make creatives.
4. Set up advertising.
5. Evaluate the effectiveness, optimize.



For several years, Facebook arbitration has been predicted to collapse. The social network is constantly working to improve the capture of unauthorized traffic, but there are still loopholes.
Even having failed in the first advertising campaign, you can acquire valuable knowledge and experience that will be useful in the future.