Tips and features of traffic arbitrage on Facebook



Tips and Features of Facebook Traffic Arbitrage


Фишки и особенности арбитража трафика в Фейсбуке


Facebook traffic arbitrage is one of the most advanced methods for attracting a target audience, which will allow you to guarantee decent results in a rather flexible way if you choose the right methodology. Now, with the help of this social network, it is possible to receive traffic by both white and gray methods. An arbitrage specialist should first study the list of key chips that will allow him to eat up a lot of mistakes at the initial stage and reduce the likelihood of blocking an advertising account to a minimum.


Available Methods for Promotion of Offers on Facebook

The key features of attracting offers on FB include the following:

1. Target. Since the most diverse audience of active customers sits on Facebook, the system analyzes a certain list of data for each of them. Each entry into a personal profile is reflected in a special digital profile. For this reason, an affiliate marketer can easily set up targeted ads and sort the target audience for displaying ads by age, geolocation, gender and other indicators.
2. Promotion in thematic communities in order to increase the general audience of subscribers, as a way of promotion, you can use unique content using selected hashtags.
3. Writing comments in the discussion. The methodology implies active participation in discussions and thematic communities. With the help of an informational comment, it is possible to unobtrusively recommend a site, a product, or offer to subscribe to a certain group. With a regular display of activity, the result of this format of attracting an audience will be obvious.
4. Building up the advertising mass in other communities. An affiliate marketer has the ability to get traffic through ads posted in public or groups. In some case (if the topics coincide), it is possible to select quite flexible conditions directly through the owner of the community.


Nuances of offer selection

When analyzing ready-made offers, you should give preference to a more popular product. The most frequently requested positions can be obtained by submitting a search query to Wordstat. The affiliate marketer will have access to extensive statistics for each of the keywords used for a certain period of time. You can set up a request for the last month, year, or find similar keys, select a specific geographic location.

There is an unspoken TOP of the offers. It includes those products that best solve the main and urgent problems of the consumer. It is worth dwelling on something specific, easy to understand, that brings real benefits to the consumer.


Features of effective testing of offers

Checklist for effective testing of statistics to determine the best offers:
• the rule "3 days and 50 conversions" (Facebook allows you to get 50 conversions before the start of full optimization of an advertisement. Many successful affiliates advise not to touch recently placed ads for three days, with an ideal lead price of 200 rubles. thousand), this method is one of the most costly, since there may not be any leads at all, so this ad may not save the situation, and if the promotion process goes well, then it is possible to notice it almost immediately, if the initial proposal did not show sufficient efficiency, then after 3 days its position is unlikely to change.This technique is not progressive enough, therefore, in order to determine how well a particular ad went, an affiliate should pay attention to the critical value of the cost per click, lead, conversion rate, etc.payments, after the launch, it remains only to compare the information received with the specified indicators;
• calculation of the admissible cost of a Lead (this formula is considered the most universal, since the affiliate can compare the ROI indicators and other data for it, the following calculation scheme applies here - the price of one lead = payout * approval (in decimal format) / (ROI (in decimal format) +1), you can manually adjust the acceptable ROI that is expected from the current tests, for example, 0% or 10%, or 50% / - 50%.


Facebook Budget Optimization Tips

The Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) process allows you to effectively manage the campaign budget using the specified social network algorithms. Previously, CBO was launched on FB as an additional function, but now the developers have made this indicator mandatory for everyone who wants to place their ads in the advertising office.
The company's own budget is a defined budget that is manually configured by the advertiser at the campaign level. You can set limits on the amount for each individual day (the so-called daily budget) or for the entire period of the ad. Budget optimization is implemented immediately for all ads that are configured in one ad account.

Optimizing your campaign budget makes it easy to maximize your financial benefits. The distribution of funds takes place right at the stage of advertising creation, so the function is perfect for those clients who are doing quite effectively to implement the testing process and select fresh methods for the current expansion of coverage.

The most relevant working chips:
• CBO when testing an audience or a specific ad before scaling a campaign;
• 1 day ad optimization at the group level;
• the use of large budgets in the analysis of CBO (from $ 100 per ad group);
• minimum number of launched ads - 2, maximum - 4;
• manual stop of "ineffective" ads.

Thus, traffic arbitrage on Facebook is one of the most promising methods for attracting traffic in general, but in order to increase the efficiency of the implementation of various advertising campaigns, a specialist should adhere to white promotion methods. At the same time, the active audience on FB turns out to be more solvent than on VK or Instagram, which provides additional opportunities for increasing the advertising budget.