Where is online gambling most developed?

GEO of online gambling - activity and trends of its growth by regions of the world

Где больше всего развит онлайн–гемблинг


The first online gambling sites for real money began to appear in 1995. For almost two decades, experts have observed trends in the steady growth in the number of players. Despite the varying intensity of user growth over the years, the total market size at the beginning of 2020 amounted to more than 45 billion euros. Moreover, the further growth in the number of users of playgrounds is preserved.

If the question arises about the advisability of further use of such rather expensive sites as gambling, there is one answer. Definitely, it is worth continuing to engage in the niche of gambling - to drive traffic, especially given the intensive growth of the audience and large payouts that allow you to scale your activities. So it makes more sense to rephrase your question. Namely, which specific GEOs to choose in order to drive traffic most effectively?


According to analytical data, the share in the total world volume is just over 22 billion euros. The rate of growth of profitability in recent years is kept at the level of 17% of the world volume. This is due to the fact that online gambling platforms are legalized in many European countries, in particular, Eastern Europe. Which naturally gave a significant impetus to the development of the online gambling industry. The second reason for high capitalization is the economic level of most European countries. It is higher than the world average, and the inhabitants of these countries have more free funds and time. Therefore, they can spend a fairly significant part of these resources on gambling.

According to statistics, the most profitable GEO gambling in Europe are the UK, France and Germany, Spain and Italy are closely approaching them, which is not surprising, since these countries have the highest coefficient of economic development in Western Europe. In the second tier are the Scandinavian countries (Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden), as well as Greece. In the first case, this is due to the natural restraint of character; in the second, a lower level of economic development.


At the moment, the total volume of the gambling market in the countries of the Asian region is slightly less than 12.4 billion euros. Tellingly, this level has been reached, literally, over the past 5 years by a sharp jump. What experts associate with the rapid increase in the GDP of countries. As can be seen from the analytical data, the average statistical income of the population, combined with the technical level of development, that is, access to the global network, is directly related to the desire to allocate part of the free funds for gambling.

If we consider in more detail the GEOs of the countries of the Asian region, almost all 100% of the gambling market there falls on such countries as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The gaming industry is developing less intensively in the Philippines and Indonesia. The almost complete absence of a country in the Middle East is associated with religious prohibitions.

North America

The total market volume is just over 8 billion euros. Such a large amount is associated with a high level of GDP. The market is quite saturated. In addition, different states of North America have different restrictions on online gambling, which must be considered before pouring traffic.


The share of the global gambling market is over 2 billion euros. This is not surprising, since in Australia an online casino with any license is not banned, and winnings are not taxed. According to statistics, more than 80% of the adult population of Australia have experience in games, including online, which, given the level of GDP higher than in the UK, leads to an intensive increase in the number of users in this direction.

However, the Australian market has some specifics:

• High saturation of offline and online casinos leads to oversaturation and fierce competition;
• The fight against gambling addiction at the state level leads to severe restrictions.
However, the technical ability to bypass these restrictions makes the Australian market promising enough to drive traffic.


Despite the rapid development, the total size of the gambling market in African countries is extremely low and amounts to just over 300 million euros. This is directly related to the low level of GDP and difficulties in the direction of technical development. Among the most promising countries are the GEOs of Nigeria, Uganda, and South Africa.

Latin America

Despite a fairly small segment of the gambling market (834 million euros), Latin American countries are actively gaining momentum. As shown, they are quite gambling, and the growth of average incomes can lead to an explosion in the development of the online gambling market. So at the moment this GEO is one of the