How to avoid a Facebook account ban?



How to avoid Facebook account ban?


Как избежать бана аккаунта в Facebook?


The system blocking of Facebook accounts has become widespread. Users complain that the Facebook arbitration model leads to bans. Automatic account blocking is becoming widespread; manual blocking is also used, which is further discussed in the material. Additionally, thematic recommendations are provided, which will optimize traffic arbitration on Facebook.


Classification of blocking and root causes

The social platform performs account blocking in automatic and manual mode. The first type of ban is implemented by a robot, and the most common reasons will be the first arbitration of traffic to Facebook through a specific account. The chance of getting banned increases when the daily budget of an advertising campaign is overstated.
The second method of blocking is practiced by the administration. The ban overlay model is as follows: an employee responds to a complaint or action, analyzes the account, imposes a lock. Manual account blocking is more weighted if you take into account statistics and user reviews.
When performing arbitration via Facebook, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the common reasons for automatic blocking, which are described below:
* Use of payment data or a card registered to a third-party person/in another country;
* Promotion of products that are included in the list of prohibited goods;
* User complaints about advertising;
* Lack of account activity;
* Low user rating value;
* Authorization in Facebook from an IP address registered in Crimea;
• Using a VPN service;
* Violation of copyright law.
The use of Facebook accounts for arbitration is a relevant model. However, it is recommended to read the recommendations that will avoid blocking.


Recommendations – how to prevent a ban


There are no useful and win-win methods. It is necessary to combine efforts to implement, use the account according to the rules of the community.
Each of the councils is reviewed by theses.
Antidetect is a browser.
Software that does not allow the robot to identify the computer is read as new. Indigo and Linken Sphere browsers are distributed on the network, but they are available on a paid basis. The problem of quick detection is that the system recognizes the user's network card data.
Mandatory domain name verification.
The Facebook Tools service is designed for convenient verification of the blocking status. You need to go to the "Repost Debugger" function, insert a query, perform a search. If the domain is blacklisted, the system will notify.
Before performing traffic arbitration via Facebook, the user creates an account, verifies. Later it is discovered that the account has received an automatic lock. This is explained by Facebook's "crooked" work model. A useful tool for avoiding the initial ban will be the "Web of Trust" plugin, which indicates the status of network trust in the domain.
The use of previous marketing tools is taboo.
The artificial intelligence of the Facebook system is configured to identify previously banned creatives. Tip: when creating a creative, be sure to change the musical accompaniment, background image, colors.
The current IP address.
Account registration must be performed from your own IP address. During subsequent operation, the pattern will not block the account, since the user is logged in under the previous IP. This is explained by getting banned when using VPN services.


Support and Solution

Getting blocked on Facebook means having to contact support. The Facebook community consists of a record number of users, which forced the administration to create an extensive support system. The list contains recommendations for contacting employees.
1. Violation of the community policy requires the use of the form - "Request for verification of an advertising account with restrictions";
2. The rejected advertisement can be challenged using the following form – "Appeal the rejection of the advertisement";
3. Other reasons for getting banned are less common, and it is better to use online chat to resolve them (available to advanced advertisers);
4. The account is blocked due to suspicious user activity, so it is better to use the standard feedback form.
Getting banned on Facebook is an event that can be avoided. It is recommended to follow the rules, study the updates of the community policy. There are also paid services on the network where you can take Facebook accounts for advertising arbitration. Using a purchased account does not guarantee that there will be no automatic or manual ban in the future.