How to drive traffic to the bourgeoisie and the CIS from Russia: an overview of the situation



Overview of the situation: how to drive traffic to the bourgeoisie and the CIS from Russia



Как лить трафик на бурж и СНГ из России: обзор ситуации

The imposed sanctions have significantly complicated the life of Russian arbitrageurs. Most payment systems do not work, Russian cards no longer cooperate with foreign sources, and offers are disabled. RU-accounts are blocked by sites and ads are not shown to Russians. In such a situation, the Russian webs have a question - "Where to take profit at the moment." The answer can be found in this article.


It is possible to switch to bourgeois


Products on the bourgeois remained unchanged. Poverty does not threaten this niche, on the contrary, along with the course, leads have grown here. There were only a few changes for the Russians - this is a refusal to cooperate with Ukrainian affiliates with Russian webs and a proposal to give a larger percentage of the proceeds to support the Ukrainian army. Casumo and Cosmolot Partners are blocked by RU-accounts, while iMonetizeit and Datify.Link can continue to work on the terms of transferring earned funds to Ukraine.

The former sources remained available to the bourgeoisie, with the exception of the brainchild of Zuckerberg. This organization is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation, and the purchase of advertising here is considered sponsoring extremists. From the comments in the chat, it can be judged that many continue to pour around the law. All this is due to a decrease in competition when the first-builders leave. It became unprofitable for them to flood, as the costs of payments became high.

The envelope in FB has grown, but it is very difficult to push the product through. Even white offers face moderation issues. But there is a plus, there are no problems with UBT. Proxy connection is not punishable by law and you can actively spam. You don’t have to worry about buying ads from bloggers either.

Sites such as TikTok, Google, Twitter, Snap and Youtube also banned Russians from creating advertising accounts. But the proxy helps in solving the problem. The envelope for the bourgeois has remained the same, but there may be difficulties when launching gray offers. Cub sellers on TikTok can also provide problems. Frequent bans gave impetus to the termination of the work of gray business centers. Now you can upload only to white offers using the accounts of official affiliate programs and stores.

Now many are starting to switch to the recently launched Huawei Ads, the reason is strict moderation on the sites. Some of the advantages of Huawei Ads: hundreds of millions of active users every month; more than ten advertising formats; targeting with the highest engagement rates; payment through CPI, CPC and CPM. 20 Huawei apps show ads. Among the shortcomings, it can be noted that it takes several days to check the creo and there are no clear requirements for the advertisement itself. This site is currently being tested.

RF maps no longer work with foreign sources. Google Pay, Apple Pay, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal and many other payments also rip. Many affiliates today create Capitalist virtual machines. The issue and maintenance costs are high, but such cards fit in with all sources.

To get analogues of Mastercard and Visa, you will have to visit one of the CIS countries. It can be Turkey, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia. Well, those who are going to switch to bourgeois, but at the same time worked in the CIS, can use the following tools:

- Text translator. You can use the Deepl translator, it is considered the most accurate;

- Consumables. They are perfect for passing the ban on advertising activities and verification in payments. This is in the case of a temporary suspension of your account due to a violation. You can generate documents for free at;

- Proxy/VPN. The law does not prohibit the use of encoders, but tools cannot be given access to sites prohibited in the Russian Federation. Services are now actively blocked.

Those who used to work with the bourgeoisie, apparently, almost nothing has changed. There is an envelope, offers work. It is only necessary to spend money on a virtual machine and its consumables. But you can also open a card without verification in the same Capitalist