How to drive traffic from Tik Tok in 2022


 How to drive traffic from Tik Tok in 2022


Как лить трафик с Тик Ток в 2022 году


The popularity of the social network TikTok for posting and watching short videos is unbiasedly confirmed by statistics on the number of downloads of its application. Such a demand among users, in the main youth audience is quite understandable:

• You can use one gadget (iPhone or Smartphone) both to create a video and to finalize it with subsequent publication on the web.
• World wide availability to view submitted content.
• Constant updating of existing and adding new functionality to create special effects.

As a result, TikTok today has become a powerful tool for advertising earnings. This opportunity is provided not only to professional marketers, but also to ordinary users using the traffic of their personal account. You can create it yourself or purchase several ready-made ones on the exchange at once. In any case, they will have to be untwisted.


Promotion of Tik Tok accounts


The social network TikTok is distinguished by its democratic nature and mass audience. Quite often, a video posted by an ordinary user gains hundreds of thousands and even millions of views due to its uniqueness or originality. As practice has shown, “honest” promotion is quite painstaking and time-consuming work. There is an option for commercial cheating of views and subscribers with certain daily limits:

• 200 subscriptions.

But, even observing the established rules, one must be very careful in this matter, the robotic network verification systems very quickly identify such specially artificially launched processes, followed by an account ban.


Tik Tok Ad Account


To launch a revenue-generating advertising company, it is not enough to create and regularly fill with content a regular account. The best option is to go to TikTok Ads, although the system is still under development and is regularly updated, but this does not prevent practical users from earning real money here. The registration and moderation process is quite strict. You will need to link an active electronic mailbox, GEO data and a bank card. Such an account can be used for commercial traffic.


Affiliates for TikTok


Today it is safe to say that traffic from TikTok is accepted in almost all affiliate programs. The user can find profitable offers on his own, taking into account:

• The specifics of their content, designed for a specific target audience.
• The uniqueness and originality of the videos presented on it.

Tik Tok traffic can be poured on a variety of goods or services. For example, "commodity" - clothes, shoes, accessories, gambling - casinos, bookmakers, gaming - computer games and applications, health products - "weight loss" and various nutritional supplements.

When looking for offers for your TikTok traffic, you should be thoughtful and even creative. The network has a certain age limit of the target audience, mostly young people. But, more and more actively mastered by the older generation. And the technical algorithm of the question of how to pour traffic has a completely understandable, simple and logical form, even for users who have just begun to master this option of earning money.