How to start Arbitrage with Facebook



How to start arbitrage with Facebook


Как начать арбитражить с Facebook


If you are interested in the topic of traffic arbitration via Facebook, then read this article carefully. The prepared material will help to understand the basic concepts, mechanisms and principles that are so necessary for a novice arbitrageur.


Traffic Arbitration – what is it?


Arbitration is a way of earning money on the Internet, which involves redirecting traffic to the necessary resources. To start engaging in Facebook arbitration, first you need to decide on an affiliate program or an affiliate network (they are also called SRA networks). It is worth clarifying that CPA networks are special services with which you can connect to a large list of partner programs.

Important note! Engaging in arbitration, and in particular arbitration of traffic on Facebook, requires some investments of money that will be used to buy promotion and advertising tools. What size of investments are we talking about? There is no single answer, because much depends on the chosen strategy and the capabilities of each person.

Arbitration is a very promising direction that allows you to earn solid money. Due to the high turnover of funds and the peculiarities of the work, the result can be achieved very quickly. First of all, you need to understand the device of the system and why someone pays for it at all. Here are the main features of the functioning of traffic arbitration:

• It all starts with the advertiser who needs to increase sales. Therefore, he turns to the SRA network in order to launch an affiliate program in order to find new customers for his product.
* The advertiser is offered several different tools: banners, landing pages, affiliate links, etc.
* These tools are thoroughly tested, after which they are offered to try them to participants of partner programs.
* The arbitrageur or webmaster selects the most attractive programs for himself, and then uses advertising tools to direct traffic to the advertiser's website or other resource. You can analyze all the attracted traffic using convenient services provided by the CPA network.
• When an ideal situation develops, everyone earns – the social network, the advertiser and the webmaster. Due to some mistakes made when setting up ads, the webmaster may remain in the red.


What is an offer and how is it chosen?


When dealing with arbitration via Facebook, you need to know that the offer is a product or service that needs to be actively promoted with the help of traffic. In turn, traffic helps to actively generate sales. Often, a separate landing page is created for each offer, it is also a selling page.

For beginners, it is better to choose offers that have appeared recently. Such a strategy gives more chances for success, because the old offers could have already bored potential buyers. It is also worth considering that there are many arbitrators, the competition is high, and the audience is essentially one.

For example, shoes are selected for promotion. However, in your region, many arbitrators have also been promoting such shoes, and for a long time. In this case, it will no longer be possible to attract a buyer for "cheap". Then you need to search and choose other advertiser offers where you can attract cheap leads.

One of the key concepts in the arbitration of traffic through Facebook and not only is a lead, which is called a visitor interested in a product or service. To attract one lead, you need to spend a certain amount. The smaller this amount, the more profit the arbitrageur specialist receives. Also, a commission is charged for each lead, the higher it is, the more profitable the offer is considered. The ideal strategy for earning money is to choose an affiliate program with the highest commission, while attracting leads with the lowest cost.


Promotion of offers using Facebook


To effectively engage in arbitration via Facebook, it is worth getting acquainted with the most effective ways to attract traffic:

* Actively promote a public, a group, a page. Increase the number of subscribers, fill the group with relevant content, while it is important to use hashtags.
* Targeted advertising. The social network covers just a huge audience, collecting the necessary data about everyone. This data helps to create a detailed digital profile of each user: gender, geographical location, age, interests, habits, demographic characteristics, and much more.
* Advertising in communities. To get the necessary traffic, you can publish ads in thematic groups and public sites. There are even special exchanges for this purpose in the person of Plibber or Sociate. Also, a completely working option is to negotiate directly with the owners of suitable communities.
* Participation in thematic groups. Communicating with other users in groups with the necessary topics, you can periodically unobtrusively advertise your site, product, or even offer to join the community. If such activity is regular, you can attract a lot of new subscribers.


Arbitration on Facebook: prospects and strategies


Given the audience reach, Facebook is rightfully considered the most attractive and promising advertising platform. With more than a billion users, investing in Facebook arbitration will pay off very quickly. In addition, the audience of the social network is very solvent and regularly buys something online. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of such opportunities by offering them your product.

Facebook is not the Wild West, so you need to adhere to the established rules of the game. Most of the restrictions are related to illegal services and goods. Algorithms quickly track such activity and prevent it.

When placing and designing ads, you sometimes need to fulfill strange requirements. For example, if the image for an advertising post contains text that is more than 20% of the total area of the image, then the ad may simply not be approved. If the post is still approved, the coverage will be significantly reduced.

If you use the advertising settings correctly, then the leads will be quite inexpensive. The advertising cabinet on facebook provides ample opportunities for filtering out the audience, so the arbitration of Facebook traffic will be performed more efficiently. Users can be filtered by the following parameters:

* interests;
• the language used for speech;
• age;
• level of education;
* residential address (sometimes with the accuracy of the street name);
• place of work;
• online behavior habits;
* income level (determined by indirect criteria).

By choosing a certain strategy, you can fine-tune advertising to increase coverage or to increase traffic. Different rules apply in different niches, so experiments sometimes bring good results.

According to the effectiveness of Facebook, you can put it on a par with Google Adwords. However, you need to understand that search engines work according to different rules. Facebook's algorithms constantly test various segments of the target audience, while choosing the most effective ones. This helps to reduce the lead price over time.

Inexperienced arbitrageurs sometimes do not know about this pattern, so they quickly write off facebook accounts, losing considerable profits.


Accounts for arbitration


As practice shows, actively attracting traffic from facebook often leads to a ban. Therefore, the webmaster will need new Facebook accounts for arbitration, and they will be needed constantly. This is due to the fact that the social network blocks accounts for various reasons: suspicious activity, spam, advertising, demonstration of prohibited products. For the full-fledged work of the arbitrageur, you will need a lot of accounts with which you can generate the necessary traffic flow.

The rules are clearly written – one user, one account, one computer. Everything else relates to violations of the user agreement, so it is not surprising why webmasters constantly need Facebook accounts for arbitration and working on the Internet.


Why do advertising accounts buy?


Earlier in the article it was said that Facebook creates a digital user profile. Also, the social network records a digital impression of the system through which a person constantly enters his account. Therefore, you need to know where to get Facebook accounts for arbitration, because even registering a new profile using a proxy will not protect you from immediate blocking. Some arbitrageurs practice the use of dedicated servers, multi-browsers and the gradual development of accounts. This approach takes a lot of time and effort, so it is more reasonable to buy ready-made accounts.

Several reasons why accounts are often bought:

• to share risks and conduct experiments;
• the main profile is blocked, and ads need to be launched urgently;
* exchanges of ready-made accounts free up time for more important work;
• when you need a lot of accounts "here and now".


Advantages of old accounts


FB algorithms are very suspicious of new users, especially if they actively invite friends, create pages and advertising companies. To prevent such accounts from being immediately banned, you need to know where to get Facebook accounts for arbitration with reclining.

These profiles are registered, carefully filled in, and also confirmed by mail. However, their use for advertising purposes begins only after a few years. There are no suspicious manipulations carried out through these accounts for Facebook, and since the profiles are not considered new, there is no increased control.

Practice has proven that old accounts are blocked much less often than new accounts, although the same actions are carried out on them. Profiles that are several years old have increased limits on sending messages, adding friends, and the system rarely asks you to confirm your identity with a selfie or SMS. It is easier for an arbitrageur to work with such accounts, even if there are a lot of them.




Even in 2021, arbitration via Facebook is a very profitable and promising activity that can bring a solid income. You need to study the basic concepts and strategy well, make a plan for yourself and prepare for all sorts of difficulties. After all, arbitration, like any other business, requires time and effort to develop before it begins to bring money. You need to make a firm decision for yourself, and then work, work and work again.