How to pay taxes to an affiliate?



Payment of tax by an arbitrageur: what are the features


We propose to find out whether arbitrageurs pay taxes, and if they do, how? How to reduce the tax burden by 2 times compared to a registered individual entrepreneur? Under what conditions can you get a period of up to 3 years?


What can you be legally liable for?


Under the laws of any state, liability is provided for the following types of offenses:

• Illegal entrepreneurial activity;
• Tax avoidance;
• Advertising that violates the law.

Illegal business activities

Illegal entrepreneurship means making a profit on an ongoing basis based on the results of activities, provided that there is no appropriate registration. Illegal entrepreneurial activity can be detected during an audit by the Federal Tax Service of Russia. The basis for its verification may be:

1. Complaints to the tax office - they can be filed by a dissatisfied client, advertiser or other arbitrageur;
2. Random check - can be carried out regardless of the size of turnover, while to prove the fact of non-payment of taxes, only two payments for the provision of services are sufficient;
3. Availability of money transfers to and from the account, provided:
• Transactions for a large amount (about 8000-9000 dollars), and it does not matter whether it was received in parts or in a single transaction, the bank will in any case transfer the information to the relevant authorities;
• Receiving funds from a company or person suspected of fraud or tax evasion;
• Cashing out in one operation the amount of 8000-9000 dollars or more, in this case the data will be sent to the tax office automatically;
• Transactions for the acquisition of real estate without official income.
Additionally, banking systems label as “suspicious” actions regular sending of large amounts between certain accounts, credits and transfers in the amount of $2,000 and so on.


Tax evasion

If the amount of unpaid tax levies for 3 years was not more than 37,000 dollars, a penalty in the amount of a fine in the amount of 20-40% of the unpaid funds is provided.

If it exceeds the specified threshold, criminal liability is provided with a penalty in the form of a fine in the amount of 1,500 to 7,000 dollars, arrest or imprisonment for a period of 6 months to 3 years, forced labor for the same period.


Ads with violations

In the Russian Federation, advertising activities are regulated by the Federal Law "On Advertising". The document spells out goods prohibited for advertising, as well as improper forms of it.


Who are the self-employed and why is the status beneficial?


In 2019, Russia introduced a tax regime for the self-employed. This term refers to individuals who work for themselves, that is, they independently search for customers and provide services. Various modern activities can be attributed to this type. The status of self-employed can also be issued by arbitration specialists.

The benefits of being self-employed include:

• The tax regime ensures the legitimacy of activities, confirms the transparency of income for regulatory authorities;
• Individuals and individual entrepreneurs who receive the status of self-employed are offered a preferential tax rate - when working with individuals it is 4%, for legal entities - 6%;
• A tax deduction for 10,000 rubles is provided, which is automatically issued upon registration. He cuts the rate from 4% to 3% or from 6% to 4%%
• It is possible to have the status of self-employed and work under a contract.
However, being self-employed has its downsides. It is due only to persons whose annual income does not exceed 2.4 million rubles. If the threshold is exceeded, an income tax of 13% is automatically assigned. Another disadvantage is that tax fees must be paid before the 25th, otherwise a fine will be imposed.


How to get self-employed


You can get the status of a self-employed person using the My Tax application, authorized banks or the taxpayer's office on the official resource of the Federal Tax Service. The whole procedure takes place online, for this you just need to follow the instructions.

Another registration option is through the State Services portal. For registration, it is enough to have SNILS, a phone number and email. Arbitrators are recommended to choose "information services" as OKVED. Taxes are calculated automatically, and you can pay them through the My Tax service until the 25th day of each month.