How to properly scale a bundle on Facebook



The right approach to scaling a bundle in FB


Как правильно масштабировать связку в Фейсбуке

In this article we will talk about what scaling bundles in Facebook is, we will analyze the methods, pitfalls and the principle of scaling most arbitrageurs. It will be useful for beginners and experienced!


The concept of "Scaling”

By itself, the bundle does not bring money, money gives the volume of traffic: the more of it, the higher the earnings. The existing fresh bundle, for which there are plans, needs to be scaled. This process is an increase in traffic volume while maintaining other indicators. Important: it is necessary to give the maximum volume for the optimal price, and do this until the cost of the lead leads to zero. To increase the volume of traffic, you need to increase the impressions and reach of ads. Below we will look at ways how this can be done.


Scaling Options

We have identified 5 ways to scale: 
1. Increase the company's budget
It is considered the simplest option. After all, all you need is to increase the budget every day by 10-15 percent, which will increase impressions and the volume of leads.
Consider an example:
Let's say there is an account with a high trust, the RC turns into a plus. The account turns $ 300 a day (the figure is from the "ceiling"), leads come in and bring $ 600 a day, the result is a profit of $ 300 or a ROI of 100 percent. You decide to raise the budget by 10 percent. On the next day, the account works with 330 dollars, in a couple of days - 363 dollars, etc. The budget increases until the lead becomes unprofitable and the account does not reach the limit. In this case, the optimization of the RC is necessary, the daily budget is reduced. If everything is OK, then we turn on until we reach 0. After that, we stop the RC and count the profit, and the account can be "drained” if it has not yet been banned. 
Disadvantages of the method:
* an increase in the budget by more than 15 percent will lead to an increase in the cost of the audience and it will not be possible to earn money anymore;
* the price per lead may start to rise immediately. In this case, we leave everything as it is, and as soon as the price becomes optimal, we continue to twist further, as before. You do not need to keep 10 active accounts, but work with 1 if it gives the necessary volume.
2. Increasing the number of accounts
Here it is required to run the RC constantly from new accs until some adset catches on. There should be a bunch of: target settings, creative, advertising materials. After the account has caught on and started to bring money, wait 4-5 days and start scaling. If there is no hook, then try until it happens. From experience, we can say that after 1-2 days something usually clings.

Disadvantages of the method:
• each new launch will bring new costs;
• new documents will be required for ZRD;
* it is difficult to control a large number of accounts if there are no automation tools.
3. Expanding GEO
It is not a particularly popular method, however, sometimes arbitrageurs use it. For example, a bundle works for Germany, then Austria is connected. Countries have a lot in common: language, mentality, requests. With the expansion of GEO, the CPM becomes smaller and the cost of the lead is likely to be reduced. The price is less, and the profit is more.
Disadvantages of the method:
To add a new GEO, you need to make changes to the RC settings, which will mean passing moderation again.  FB can reject it. This can lead to a ban and account loss. It is better to think about working with GEO in advance.
4. Expanding adsets
The method is also not particularly popular, but some use it. Let's say there is a trust account, 1 RC and 5 adsets, good daily limits, but at the same time the adsets spin badly - slowly or do not cling at all. Alternatively, you can create duplicates of adsets so that FB starts looking for a different audience, but within the same campaign. If the new adsets catch on, then the old ones can be turned off. After the hook, you can start raising the budget, which will lead to the withdrawal of the account from the minus.
Disadvantages of the method:
FB algorithms do not like it when duplicates of adsets are made with the current RC. This may trigger a ban. 5 adsets are functioning, duplicates have been made, now 10 are working, which means the daily budget will be divided equally between them. The budget needs to be raised gradually or it will lead to a ban.
The method is considered difficult, you need to do a lot of actions. If everything works out, fine, if not, we launch a new account.
5. Traffic demonetization
The option is not a way of scaling, but it is able to increase profits by 5-10 percent. You will need to add a special script to the landing page or prelanding. When the site is closed, a special window will be displayed, if the user clicks on it, then you will start receiving money. One person will bring little, but if you have several assets and a lot of clicks, then you can earn a decent amount. The script is installed on the site 1 time and brings money while using this resource.
Disadvantages of the method:
Deterioration of user behavior after seeing a window. There may be a negative reaction, refusal of the order and loss of the client.



Above, we have considered 5 ways to scale the bundle for today. We hope you can benefit from this!