How to properly submit documents for unlocking your account and advertising cabinet


If you are faced with a blocked account and Facebook asks you to send him documents (passport), then you have 3 options to choose from:

1. Draw the documents corresponding to your account in Photoshop
2. Purchase ready-made documents for your account in the store
3. Find someone else's passport on the Internet and send it to FB

The third option is highly discouraged, because the FB digitizes all the images in the program code and remembers them. I.e., when the image is subsequently published from the Internet (which is extremely likely), this image will already exist in the FB database and the robot will not decide to unlock it.


You can purchase documents in our store or in any other. Naturally, these documents will be new to the FB, but they will not correspond to the data of your profile. Ie, the passport picture may be male and your profile is completely female. But this is not important for the FB because it does not look at the passports of the Russian Federation and the CIS, and makes a decision purely at random

Draw passport data under the account-is the best option - but does not give a 100% guarantee of unlocking and is only a myth that it is more likely to bypass the lock.

Life Hack:

Before sending an image (even taken from the Internet), open it on a PC monitor, take a picture of the screen with your phone (without reflections), transfer the image to your computer and send it to FB calling the file " scan.jpg” - according to our results of hundreds of tests - this increases the chance of unlocking by 10%