How to work with Facebook accounts correctly


How to warm up accounts:

The most effective way to warm up accounts is divided into 7 days.
You can, of course, shorten any of the points at your discretion - but the collected practice shows that this method works in 95% of cases.

Day 1 - you need to fill cookies on other sites. Go to Google, YouTube, etc.
Facebook, when you first visit the site, will see that You are not a new player to the world wide web (Yes, it can track this)
Then go through cookies (required) to your account on FB

Day 2 - optionally, you can add a new photo to your account or change its description (do not change your full name, date of birth, city, and even more email + phone)
Or go through the feed and put a couple of three likes.
Don't write to anyone. You can add a couple of friends from the Recommendations section or accept incoming requests.

Day 3 - you can create an ad account in ADS manager

Day 4 - Create a Fan Page

Day 5 - Run ads (1 RC = 1 ad)
Do not set a large daily limit. If possible, make the first ad on the white offer.

Day N6 - money!


Other recommendations:

1. Use only new Bank cards
Virtual cards are poorly viewed by the FB - plastic is better
2. do not Use new domains with at least 2 months of age
3. Main rule 1 ip = 1 domain = 1 account
4. when loading a creative, the FB sees what is located on it. Do not load a girl with Tits - FB knows through neural networks that the picture shows Tits.
5. Check the anonymity of your IP address - there should be no leaks
6. Use the anti-detect browser. MAC users don't need it (just create a new profile)
7. Log in to major sites using FB
8. It is better to use Socks proxy than Https
9. Log in to your account using the Android emulator-increases trust
10. Do not use any third party SOFTWARE to promote your FB account
11. Set two-factor authentication