How to work with Facebook bids correctly



Facebook bets: appointment, how to work with them


Как правильно работать со ставками в Facebook


Most of those who actively use chats, read interviews or articles may notice the word "optimization”, but there is no detailed description of what it means. We only see the call "Optimize” and if you do not have certain knowledge, then the question arises“ "How can you optimize your account if it is constantly being banned?”
In this article we will talk about betting strategies in FB, which will be easier to apply if you have at least something spinning. When 1 account does not exist for more than a day, there can be no question of optimization. Stop buying cheap akki for 100 rubles if there is no result. The best option would be to buy more expensive accs. When they come out with ZRD, you will be pleasantly surprised how long and much you can turn the RC.


Betting Strategy

To begin with, let's tell you a little about the auction. The essence of its work is simple: in order for the user to see your RC, it requires the victory of your RC at the auction. There are slight differences between the FB auction and the usual one, but the mechanics and principles are identical.
The bid you place means the price for showing ads to one person. You can choose the automatic mode, then FB will manage your budget by itself, focusing on the day, the audience layer and the type of auction. The question arises“ "If Facebook can do everything for me, then why should I participate in it?” The point is that you have to define a strategy based on your needs.  To choose the right strategy, you need to understand what each represents.  
The choice of strategy depends on your goal. You can spend your budget for traffic, transitions, clicks, and so on. Also, you should understand that it is not profitable for FB to ban your akki, because you bring him money. Understand that 1 out of 10-20 running accounts can pour 2-3 thousand dollars, the main thing is to find it.


The strategies themselves

Consider the Marginal Bid or Bid cap. This means the maximum amount that can be paid for the result. This option is suitable if you have a dedicated budget, above which it is forbidden to climb. The downside is that you can lose quite a lot of good leads on favorable terms. For example, consider two options: the first - you have a limit of $ 2, everything works in plus; the second - you have a limit of $ 2, but you get only 1 lead per day, the RC does not twist, there are no leads in this range, but there are 2.3 bucks. You can't cover them because you have a $2 limit. In such a situation, this strategy will be ineffective, therefore, if there is no feedback for 2-3 hours, it is better to raise the bid by 20-30 cents or more and wait another 2-3 hours, after looking at the result, there should be a rollback.


Lowest cost

Is the minimum price when you set a low payment for the required action. Such a strategy is considered more flexible, because it can both grow and decrease.  According to this strategy, FB will try to look for an audience constantly, even when a good layer is over - it will find a worse one, but suitable for your needs.
Let's take an example: there are 100 people who are looking for weight loss products. We will divide them into 2 layers. In the first one, we will identify 40 people who hope for a miracle and are looking for a magic wand, and in the second 60 people who are interested in sports, and do not believe in fairy tales.
Let's take 2 webmasters who chose this strategy: one assigned $ 3, and the other - $ 5. The first FB will be able to give only 10 leads from the first layer, and the second - 30 people from 1 formation. Then both move to the 2nd layer, but the first one starts working earlier and gets a worse audience, and at a price of 3 bucks.
As a result, the first one will get 10 leads from the 1st layer and 40 leads from the 2nd layer. The second webmaster will receive 30 leads from the 1st layer and 20 people from the second layer. CR and apruv will be higher for the second webmaster, his RC will give more money. Such a strategy will be optimal in a niche where there is no competition or it is low.


Cost cap

It is the ultimate price, that is, you set the most optimal figure for you, and FB will look for exactly those leads that correspond to it. If he does not find leads, he will start raising the cost himself until he meets them. Raising is possible up to 10 percent, but lowering can be as much as you want (this is possible if your optimal bid is higher than the auction bid).
It is considered the most optimal strategy, because 10 percent on top is normal, and the reduction has no limit, providing you with an ROI of 400 percent.


Work manually or install a robot?

Here the solution is simple - if you have no experience or you are a novice webmaster, then it is better to use the FB algorithm so that it picks up the bids for you. When you gain experience, you can play with the bets yourself, as you wish.