How to create a business manager Facebook


According to the idea of FB, each account can create up to 2 business managers. But not everything is so simple, as a rule:

1-FB does not allow you to create a business manager for accounts that have not been active for the last 2 months - it will give you an unknown error when creating a business manager.
2-Completely blocks your social account when you try to create it

But if you are confident in yourself - then we do:

1. Click on the link
2. Click Create
3. Enter the name of the BM and invent any addresses, phone numbers and websites
4. If you gave create-great, you will immediately get into it

After the successful creation of the BM, we recommend creating additional invitation links from the People section and following the instructions in our article.
Additional links will help you to log in to your BM at any time if your social account is blocked.

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