Which anti-detect browser to choose for Facebook and Google ads (traffic arbitrage)


How to choose the right antidetect browser

Как правильно выбрать антидетект браузер


Among the wide range of anti-detect browsers, everyone will find the best option for themselves - you just need to study the features of each of them, and new software will greatly facilitate your work.

What is an antidetect browser for?

Your device transmits a series of depersonalized data to the sites you visit: information from your device model to screen settings and time zones forms your unique digital fingerprint, which is captured by various resources to identify the user and track your actions.

Such measures are taken to prevent fraud and violation of applicable laws. Antidetect Browser will help you protect yourself from being tracked and keep your sensitive data secret. The advantage is that the user of such a browser can personally set up a digital fingerprint: change the model of his computer to another one, and also change information about the browser used.

In addition to masking and personalizing a digital fingerprint, the antidetect browser is used for other purposes:

• Bypass anti-fraud systems;
• Traffic arbitration;
• Pharma accounts and use of multiple accounts;
• Savings of anonymous status;
• Publication of testimonials and internet marketing.
Of course, complete anonymity cannot be ensured by an antidetect browser alone - this largely creates problems for farmers, since Internet resources analyze additional parameters and user behavior - as a result of detecting a number of similar actions, the entire chain of "warmed up" accounts on a paid proxy is blocked.

How to choose an antidetect browser

• Pay attention to the official website of the anti-detect browser, having carefully studied the information about its target audience. Each of these browsers is designed for different purposes, therefore, it may not be suitable for a certain category of users. Check the cooperation of the selected browser with other software that you use, as well as with the services that you visit most often.
• Appreciate the comfort of the interface - this will allow you to understand the program as quickly as possible and use the browser without technical inconvenience.
• Choose an antidetect browser with wide functionality. If you plan to use it for certain purposes, for example, for farming, make sure that the necessary options are available.
• Cost to make a choice based on your financial capabilities: the cost of a browser may depend on functionality, the number of available accounts and unique options for setting up a digital fingerprint. Each browser has both budget and more expensive plans.
Equally important is feedback and support, especially for novice users. The speed of responses and the quality of assistance provided should be a key factor in your decision.

Read all kinds of reviews and carefully study the reputation of the antidetect browser you are interested in based on the reviews of other customers on trusted, reliable resources: this will help you get a general idea of ​​​​the program's operation.