A short guide to all Facebook ad formats



Facebook Ad Formats - Quick Guide

Краткий гид по всем рекламным форматам Facebook


In order to promote pages, events, all kinds of goods and services, Facebook offers to use about 10 ad formats. It is worth going through each of them and consider their features.


Advertising with image


It is very popular on the social network. At the same time, the graphic element is designed to attract attention and encourage the user to go to the site. In image ads, the text clarifies the information about the offer and is usually small. At the same time, text should not be placed on the image. The thing is that in this case, algorithms can block him from reaching winning positions. Advertising with an image is a universal promotion tool. The thing is that it is suitable for promoting brands, all kinds of goods and services.


Video Ads


In many respects, it resembles the type of advertising above, with the only exception - the graphic element has been replaced by a video. Experts advise using video sequences no longer than 15 seconds. Only in this case is it likely that users will watch it. The video should be as informative as possible and at the same time short.


Slideshow Ads


This is an alternative to video ads. The slide show allows you to upload no more than 10 pictures, an audio file and a text description. The program automatically creates a slide show and broadcasts it to users.


Carousel or carousel


Gallery capacity - 10 images or videos. The user has the ability to scroll through it. The carousel is aimed at advertisers who plan to tell as much as possible about the positive aspects of a company or product. An unusual approach is also possible - a sequential story using a series of images.


Collection Ads


It includes a video or image, just below which prices from the catalog are placed. By clicking on the advertisement, the user can find out more information about the product or view other offers. Collection ads are designed to increase the number of interactions and motivate you to explore as much product information as possible.


Ads with lead form


If the advertiser has a goal - to promote a business whose success depends on lead generation, then this ad format is best suited for implementing the plan. Advertising also includes feedback, which can work in conjunction with a CRM system. The feedback form should contain a minimum number of fields. If there are a lot of them, then it is likely that the user will refuse to fill them out.


Page Likes


This ad format was created on Facebook in order to increase organic reach. Ads are shown to users who can "Like" them. Ads in this format include a slideshow, image, or video. The content on the page should be of the highest quality. Otherwise, you will not be able to get "Like".


Promotion of posts on the page


It has a second name - raised publications. When a user posts a post, it gets into the field of view only of his subscribers. Using this format, other users will see the publication, including they can comment on it and rate it.


Advertise special offers


This is an advertisement for a discount offer for Facebook users. Allows you to increase sales in a regular or online store. Of course, users may not immediately take advantage of the special offer. Therefore, the system will periodically remind users of its availability. The frequency of notifications is set by the user. If the special offer is no longer relevant for him, then he can simply turn it off.