What to pour traffic on in 2022



What to pour traffic on in 2022


На что лить трафик в 2022 году


Traffic arbitration is called when you attract customers to advertisers for your funds, and then receive a reward from them. It makes it possible to earn well - the income of some arbitrators is 1-2 million rubles per month.
Let's think about whether this is relevant at the moment and what to choose if you want to try to start working in traffic arbitration. 


Is traffic arbitration necessary

Arbitration will be relevant until people stop shopping online. Therefore, they will always be able to do it.
But arbitration is changing. The one that everyone is used to, smoothly leave. It is much more difficult to make doorways, advertising networks significantly tighten the screws for "black" offers and introduce various restrictions. Instead of outdated methods of draining traffic, others come - this happened last year with push notifications that suffered a boom in demand.


How traffic arbitration has changed 

New traffic sources have emerged. They existed before, but now they have begun to focus attention on them. Most of the creatives are concentrated on Facebook, and arbitrageurs are also looking at growing TikTok-type sources. Contextual advertising in Google Ads is still trending. 
Finding working connections is much more difficult. Due to changes in the policy of advertising networks and the privacy of popular offers, it is not easy to find a bundle that generates income. As a rule, newcomers earn little or drain the budget if they lack experience.
Certain niches have sunk significantly. In the domestic segment for sure. Now it is unprofitable to work with microfinance companies - the legislation has tightened their nuts. A significant subsidence is observed in the mobile installation market, as the sources adapt to applications, and it is unprofitable for entrepreneurs to outsource customer acquisition. In dating in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, everything was bad, and it still remains - there are almost no new offers.
Giants get a lot of income. Teaser networks are almost completely at the mercy of top arbitrageurs - it's not easy for beginners to break through. The situation is similar in other sources - for example, push notifications are also occupied by giants.
It is now more difficult to work with "black" offers. In the Play Market assortment, moderation of new applications takes 2-3 days (previously it lasted several hours). Facebook has new limits on performing operations in the advertising cabinet. He tightened the procedure for moderation of advertising materials. As a result, only teams with significant turnover remain on the market. 


Reviews of arbitrators

90% of arbitrators do not want to talk about themselves and their activities for various reasons: some do not have time, others do not want to shoot profitable bundles, others do not understand why to do it.
However, it was still possible to find opinions. One newcomer decided to find out whether it is necessary to start in arbitration now, since he does not believe that it will be possible to make a profit of more than 20-30% of turnover. The second said that the entry threshold regularly increases, and the profit decreases.
No one calls the exact amount of income. However, in arbitration in 2022, everything happens in the same way as in other areas: there are those who profit from this somewhat tens of thousands of rubles monthly. There are also tops whose income is more than a few million each month.


Where to pour traffic 

There are niches that were relevant earlier and are in demand at the moment. You need to pour traffic on them. These include:
Inside. A relentless trend - products for health and beauty are always relevant. If the popularity of the sensational black mask has already declined, then means for weight loss or to combat joint pain can be promoted forever. Especially in the summer.
The interior is the first place to pour traffic. In the next few years, this area will definitely not lose its relevance.
Companion. It is also a relentless trend. Everything will depend on a certain product and season: for example, in the summer, tools for the garden like a stretchable hose come in perfectly. And video recorders will be in demand all year round. 
Dating in Bourges. Dating is not very popular in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, because due to the mentality, people do not pay for dating platforms. However, in Bourges it will be possible to make good money on those who need online dating. In the adult vertical, too, dating is only for intimacy.
Gambling. It is also considered a relentless trend, because gambling people will bet at any time. Although 2022 may be the beginning of a recession, and gambling will not bring significant profits. This is due to the fact that over time, the audience understands that it is almost impossible to win at the casino, and they bring funds there less often. Advertisers are also aware of this, so they are reducing the rates - in 2019, the rates for the first deposit have almost halved.
Betting. During the pandemic, it is not so relevant, but certain bookmakers offer to place bets on esports. But after the restrictions are lifted, betting will have a new round of popularity. 
Travel. People will travel a lot on tourist trips after the restrictions are lifted, as they are tired of being at home. If you choose the right bundle, you can get a good income on it.
CBD offers. Products with the presence of cannabis extract. Such goods are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation, but who said that it is not necessary to promote them in Bourges? For example, in America. However, not in all states. There is no ban in Colorado, but there is in New York.


Rating of partners for arbitration 

There are more than 100 CPA networks in the world, and it is not known which one to work with. Especially if you are a beginner and do not understand anything about the arbitrage market. Here will be listed the top best affiliate programs for generating income in 2022.
№1 — Leadbit. An affiliate program that has several verticals of offers: from the inside to the adult and swipstakes. The service pays out funds at least every day, the key point is to pass a profile check and withdraw from $ 30. Most of the reviews are good.
№2 — Lucky.Online. It works exclusively with exclusive product offers that provide high apruv. It is permissible to withdraw any amount from 1 ₽, there is no hold in the affiliate program, since it pays for confirmed orders (and not for those that were redeemed). The reviews write about the absence of difficulties with payments and competent support work.
№3 — Offerum. This affiliate program has more than 1,400 offers in various verticals. Payments are made from 800 rubles, there are no difficulties, most of the reviews have positive content.
You can also register in another CPA network, to do this, carefully study the rating of partner systems.