An Overview of Necessary Tools for Facebook Traffic Arbitrage



Essential Facebook Traffic Arbitrage Tools


Обзор необходимых инструментов для арбитража трафика в Facebook


Traffic arbitrage is buying traffic in order to get paid for a targeted action.

To better understand how it works and who plays what role, let's simulate the situation.

Let's say a person runs a chair business. There are few clients, and there is no money for a large-scale advertising campaign. Therefore, he decides to create the following problem: "Sell my chairs, you will receive 200 rubles for each chair sold."

He registers in the affiliate network and creates an offer - that is, an offer. Affiliates respond to this offer and start selling chairs. The challenge for affiliates is to keep their ad spend less than the payout they receive.

For example, for each chair sold, the affiliate pays 120 rubles, and the payment for each purchase is 200 rubles. The difference is 80 rubles - the affiliate's earnings. As a result, the client sells his chairs, the affiliate gets paid, everyone is happy.

Facebook traffic arbitrage is the same arbitration concept, but using traffic from this social network, which also includes Instagram in its advertising network.

Facebook arbitrage is tricky: lots of restrictions, strict rules, tech savvy required. But the exhaust can be tangible, because the audience on the site is mature and solvent. If you have enough budget and knowledge to "reach out" to your client through advertising - everything is cool.
Why Facebook is popular among affiliates
Accurate targeting, paying audience, low entry barriers - these are the three main reasons why affiliates choose Facebook.


How you can get traffic from Facebook


It is generally accepted that targeting is the only possible way to get traffic from Facebook. This is not entirely true. Targeting is the most popular and scalable method, but not the only one.

Free promotion

Facebook traffic arbitrage doesn't work without attachments. There are many requests on the Internet on the topic “how to get traffic for free”. We answer: no way.

This is a thankless job. To get traffic for free, you will have to distribute affiliate links yourself - mostly by spam in comments and private messages.


And free is a conditional concept. For spam, you will have to buy accounts, because they will fly to the ban. As a result, you still have to invest financially in the work, and at the exit you will receive a couple of applications a day. It is up to you to decide whether it is worth it or not.

If you still want to give it a try, here are the main ways to spam:

- spam comments under publications in thematic communities;
- adding people to friends for spam using private messages;
- placement of publications in groups.


Difficulties of working on Facebook


For all its advantages, Facebook is a competitive and challenging marketplace. You can launch an advertising campaign without any problems, especially taking into account the automatic settings in the advertising office.

But optimizing your campaign, lowering your cost per click, and keeping your ad block out is another story. Knowledge is needed here.

Let's talk about the difficulties that arise in working with Facebook:

Incomprehensible interface. And it is difficult not only in the advertising office, but also in principle. Try going to the home page and opening the side menu. Most of these functions are not necessary for the average user, but they are. In an advertising office, the situation is even worse, and beginners have to get used to what they see for a long time.

Support problems. Facebook's customer service doesn't always work well. For offices with large volumes, they can allocate a personal manager, but everyone else is faced with problems: managers answer for a long time, do not solve problems, and so on.

Strict rules. Advertising on Facebook should be apolitical, non-defiant, not offending anyone. Sometimes the entire advertising campaign can be banned for some trifle - for example, word of mouth that may offend someone. Therefore, you need to memorize all the rules before starting work.

You don't have to take the above as an obstacle. These are just conditions - the same as in any job. And most of the problems can be avoided if you study the rules of the site well.

Death has been predicted for the arbitration tribunal for several years now. Pessimists have a point in this regard - Facebook is really tightening the screws more and more, and it becomes difficult to pour traffic. But no matter how complicated the situation is, there are always paths.

If you decide to do it, don't stop. Even if a collapse occurs and some source of traffic becomes completely irrelevant (which is unlikely), the very concept of affiliate marketing will continue to grow.


What are the prospects for Facebook as a traffic source in 2022?


The outlook is the same as last year. And last year they were the same as the year before, and so on until the foundation of the advertising network. It's just that the very approach to leaking traffic from Facebook is changing due to restrictions. But this is all for gray offers like gambling and adult.

The prospects are the same for working with white offers - Facebook remains a huge market where people are willing to buy.


Which is better - Facebook or Google Ads?


They are two different ad networks with different settings. On Facebook, you can target a specific group of people through socio-demographic settings. In contrast, in Google Ads, you cannot target a specific audience, but you can show ads to “warm” customers - those who are already looking for a similar product. You can compare these two sites for a long time, but the final conclusion is always ambiguous. Let's just say: each niche has its own platform.


What is account farming?


Account farming is when a new Facebook account is given a "human" look.

For example, if you create a new account and advertise, there is a high probability that it will be banned. If this account looks like it belongs to a real person, the likelihood of a ban will decrease.

To farm accounts, you need to subscribe to groups, people, write comments. That is, to maintain such activity, which would be supported by a real person.