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This article will answer one of the most frequently asked questions of the entire arbitration market - how to cloach Facebook in 2022?
You will also be told how to send banned offers from Facebook, while getting the minimum number of bans.
These can include both a product and a casino, bets, online dating resources.


What is a cloaca?

Cloaking is a type of advertising on the Internet, which involves hiding the key offers contained in a particular type of advertisement.
For example, you seem to be launching an advertisement for a financial institution, but in fact you are luring people into aggressive investments.
At the same time, the main purpose of cloaking is to convince the moderators and deceive them, explaining that you have a completely honest ad that complies with the rules of the platform. But in fact, you are promoting forbidden things, for example, investing in cryptocurrency on Facebook.
In essence, cloaking is about circumventing the moderation requirements and misleading site administrators dealing with advertising.


What is Facebook cloaking and why is it necessary?

Over the past couple of years, Facebook has introduced a huge variety of different restrictions and topics prohibited for advertising. This happened because of the affiliates who attacked the service.
By and large, there are no prohibited topics for this social network. Rather, there are off-limits to creatives, landing pages, and call-to-action types.
For example, it is not allowed to apply the effect "before" and "after" on the promotion of offers in their core. However, the exploitation of these creatives is still allowed, if they are correctly portrayed.
Thus, we can come to the conclusion that all the prohibitions are rather conditional.
The point of cloaking on Facebook is to convince the site administration that we do not advertise forbidden topics. And after clicking on the creative, bring them to an Internet resource, which clearly shows that there is no deception and everything is fine.
If we advertise something forbidden, for example, a product for breast enlargement, then we create a creative. For example, you can take a rising dough.
Then, with the help of special programs, we lead the administration to a separate page, and the target audience to another, real resource.
Using the example of a creative with a rising dough, which directly associates with growing breasts, we create a page for the administrator in the form of an advertisement for a bakery franchise.
And the Internet resource itself, on which we advertise the product, can be a landing page, on which everything is correctly indicated.


What do you need to cloake on Facebook?


Firstly, there are trust pages, since the cloaca involves regular bans.
You need to constantly take profiles somewhere, it is necessary that, for example, three pages participate in the work at the same time: one is unscrewed at significant volumes, and the other two are warmed up and prepared for launch.
The problem of accounts always remains relevant, because there should always be a lot of pages on a social network, while they must be of high quality.
The place to look for quality pages, however, is constantly changing. There are many ways to sign up for new accounts. One of the most common is to buy them manually.
The first page you use will be blocked after 2-3 weeks, and it will not be very good if you were the only one you had. After all, in fact, you will lose all your income. So it's better to have at least 10 pages at your disposal, or even more.
Secondly, you need to have the cloaca itself.
This is a service that, according to some parameters, determines administrators, that is, Facebook robots that analyze your clean and correct site, and directs live users to another Internet resource.
Cloacas differ very significantly in price and principle of activity; this is a topic for a separate material.
Also, you need to have the following bundle: "white creative + whitepage + blackpage".


Why cloaking at all?

The main purpose of cloaking is to advertise banned offers on Facebook. At the same time, you will be able to earn in excess of profitability.
In white arbitrage, the ROI can be up to 100%, while in the dark forbidden arbitration, the ROI can be huge. But this topic requires a separate and more detailed consideration.


How is the technical side of the cloaking process arranged in 2022?

There are a huge number of services, so-called "cloaca", which provide an interface with which it will be possible to make content substitutions, page loading (in some cases, this loading is done using the iFrame method).
In general, there is a wide range of solutions. At any given time, these solutions function more or less efficiently.


Results and forecasts for Facebook cloaking business in 2022

It should be understood that the "nuts" over time are indeed more and more "tightened". However, keep in mind that this will reduce the number of competitors, and the potential net profit increases.
For certain cloacal links, for example, in the field of gambling, ROI can reach 200-300-400%.
Accordingly, it makes sense to get confused and worried, look for solutions to problems with profiles and cloaca in order to reach a certain volume, and make a significant amount of money in a short time period.
Only by using cloaking correctly, you can always achieve the pinnacle of success!