Fundamentals of cloacal arbitrage | How to cloak on Facebook in 2022



Fundamentals of cloacal arbitrage. Cloaca for beginners in 2022


Основы клоачного арбитража | Как клоачить в Facebook в 2022 году
Cloaking refers to advertising on the Internet, which in one form or another hides the main offer that is offered in different types of advertising.
For example, an advertisement for a financial institution may actually suggest participation in aggressive investments.
One of the most important tasks of cloaking is the passage of moderation in social networks. It is necessary to convince the moderators that you are advertising allowed services or goods, even if this is not the case, and your product is a cryptocurrency, and Facebook immediately sends you to a ban for this.

Ways to Use Cloaking on Facebook in 2022

The purpose of cloaking is to circumvent the rules of moderation and the ability to convince moderators that what you are advertising is honest and allowed.
In the past few years, Facebook has been subjected to a huge number of attacks by affiliates, which has led to the introduction of an endless list of various restrictions and topics that are not even allowed to be mentioned.
Looking more broadly, this social network does not have prohibited topics, but it has a sufficient number of prohibited creative elements, landing pages and various calls to action.
For example, you cannot use such a common technique as the “before and after” effect in advertising. But the use of these creatives is possible if they are drawn correctly.
It turns out that most of the prohibitions are conditional, and they can be bypassed if you know how.
Cloaking on Facebook aims to convince moderators that ads are not banned. When verified, the link must point to a site that is correct and compliant.
Required Tools
1. Trust account. More precisely, a fairly large number of accounts. The cesspool leads to permanent bans, this is obvious.
New accounts are needed, at least three or four: one is working with large volumes, two or three more should be ready at any time.
The problem with the lack and blocking of accounts is one of the most pressing, because you always need a lot of accounts, and they must be of high quality and reliable.
2. Directly cloaca.
This type of service is able, by a number of characteristics, to identify moderators (they are also social network robots), who scan the required landing page, and determine ordinary users to the landing page we need.
The cesspool has a very large variation in cost and principle of operation /
For reliable and high-quality work, you need a combination of “white creative + whitepage + blackpage”.
Why cloaking is necessary
Its main task is to advertise prohibited offers on Facebook, and to earn more than profitability for the user.
White arbitrage allows you to achieve profitability rates of about 100%. Black and prohibited arbitrage shows much higher numbers, and the profitability there is very high.
Technical side
The number of services for the implementation of the cloaking process is huge, you just need to choose wisely. The so-called "cesspools", which are able to offer an interface that helps to carry out the substitution of content, loading the necessary pages (loading using iFrame technologies is possible).
For those who need it, there is a fairly extensive list of solutions. Depending on the circumstances and the specific situation, these solutions work more or less effectively.
Recently, Facebook has been quite actively working on "tightening the screws", and this work is constant. At the same time, there are fewer and fewer really active competitors in this niche, and, accordingly, potential net profit is growing.
For example, some cloacal bundles of the gaming niche bring ROI 200-300-400%.
If you have the strength and desire to globally study this issue and find working tools, solve problems with accounts and cesspools, then it is quite possible that in a fairly short period you will reach the desired volumes and earn impressive amounts of money.