How much money is required to enter arbitration on Facebook in 2022



How much money is required to enter arbitration on Facebook in 2022


Сколько средств требуется, чтобы зайти в арбитраж на Фейсбук в 2022 году

Over time, more and more newcomers become aware of arbitration, but the questions remain the same: where to get traffic, how to study and how much money you need to invest first. In this article, we will focus on the third question and analyze in detail what to consider when interacting with the largest traffic source, what impact it has on the turnover and what difficulties may appear during the gulf.
We will not talk about what constitutes traffic arbitration. Let's get right to the point.


What to consider

It should be understood that traffic arbitration is not a textbook, after studying which you can consistently earn income. Trends are constantly changing, and sometimes even materials from six months ago may become irrelevant.
If we are talking about arbitration on Facebook, it is necessary to remember about regular storms: webmasters are constantly faced with FunPages bans, the impossibility of the gulf and other difficulties.
An important component is the technology of traffic extraction. The methods can be classified into:
* Free.
* Paid.
Free and shareware traffic can be obtained by actually exchanging time for money that could be spent on paid advertising. The classic types of traffic extraction are: spam, invites, organic (getting into the ratings thanks to a social network). It is almost impossible to work on Facebook using UBT in 2022 - any actions resembling spam are instantly banned. You will be able to earn a few dollars, but you will not be able to scale.
It is for paid traffic that webmasters from all over the world love Facebook. The social network supplies large volumes of high-quality users (unlike guns, nativok). However, you will need to pay for such traffic. It is necessary to note separately the primitives - the method of advertising bay, which allows the webmaster to achieve postpay. Conscientious webs pay anyway. The first-timers only unscrew the limit and throw the page. Most often, this negatively affects the market, as Facebook does not like scammers.
The vertical selected by the arbitrageur and the offer are affected. To be more precise, its conditions, the amount of payment, the average values of the bay and other characteristics.
The next difficulty is from the affiliate program. Almost all PP have a hold time - a time interval during which leads are checked for quality, payback, and Ford availability. As it is correct, the duration of the hold is 14 days. This should be taken into account with a limited budget and if you want to replenish the turnover with funds received from the first leads. With significant volumes of high-quality traffic, the recl can reduce the hold.
The advertiser does not want to pay for low-quality leads, so they may be partially rejected. Approval can vary - the recl can either approve or reject all leads. Almost always the appruv is equal to 30-80% and it is influenced by the vertical and geo.


What you need to spend money on

First you need to remember these rules:

• There is no need to invest the last funds in arbitration - this is not a guaranteed income.
• You should not expect that what happened to one will shoot at the second. Everyone has their own arbitration.
• No need to follow the recommendations of one person. One will be able to fill up with 10 thousand rubles, the second will not be enough even 100 thousand.
The shopping list is quite extensive and differs depending on the source. For Facebook, it's next:
* Accounts - to run ads, as the social network often bans for violations. The price tag can range from 10 rubles for an empty profile to several thousand for a page with good limits, a rocked FanPage, etc. Let's take the average cost of 200 rubles and 10 pages to begin with. Total - 2 thousand rubles.
* On white verticals, pages will be banned less often.
* Proxy - to create a unique login to the profile. The price is from $2, each page needs its own. Total - 1,500 rubles.
* Anti-detect browser - needed to log in to multiple pages at the same time. Capable of supporting hundreds of pages at once. The cost of an average browser is $50-100 per month on a solo tariff, but you can use test periods - they are provided for several days or for a permanent basis with small page volumes. About 5 thousand rubles.
* Cloaca and tracker - required for traffic distribution and to remove bots. Approximately 7,500 rubles.
* Domains and hosting - for the development of pads, pre-lands. About 2 thousand rubles.
* Creatives - 3,500 rubles. The video creative will cost about 1-1.5 thousand rubles.
* Documents - to certify ownership of the account. They are not always required, but we will count 500 rubles for 1 passport. The total amount is 5 thousand rubles.
* Services for auto-cleaning, cleaning comments - 5 thousand rubles (optional).
* Payment cards - bank cards for linking. Approximately 200 rubles / piece. Each page has a unique payment card, in the amount of 2 thousand rubles.
The prices are approximate, each service has its own conditions. Remember about the scammers that infest Telegram chats. In most cases, they cheat on proxy pages, payment cards and documents. The final amount is about 30 thousand rubles, with other services - 35 thousand.
But this is a figure that covers only consumables. It is not easy to calculate the entry threshold for circulating money, since everyone shoots at different times. Often the first bays have a negative profit, going to zero is already good. When creating a turnover, you need to take into account the amount of payment for the lead - as a rule, it is proportional to the costs and difficulties to obtain a lead. It is better for beginners not to look at offers with a payout over $50. To calculate, we take the payout of $ 25 and multiply it by 20 - we get $ 500. It already looks like the truth.



The approximate amount for entering affiliate marketing is 70 thousand rubles. But this is not an indicator - someone will be lucky, and the profit will come sooner. It also works in the opposite direction - hundreds of thousands are not enough for many. To reduce the likelihood of wasting money, you need to read and develop more, study videos shot on the topic of affiliate marketing. It is also a good solution to take various courses.