The Harsh Truth About Arbitrage for Newbies



The Harsh Truth About Arbitrage for Newbies



Суровая правда об арбитраже для новичков


Many create "fuss" around arbitrage. And why? Because they can't do that. They are like those who screamed about the difficulties of SEO just because the site they "moved" did not move. 90% of affiliates feel great, earn good money and hang out among their own kind. The rest is myths!

Promoted topics

In topics for traffic arbitrage, everything is simple and revolves either around its sources or around the offer. Think of Riddick's Leafalka, which was inexpensive with high quality, and therefore became a real "hit"!
After the advent of retargeting on VKontakte, arbitrageurs quickly analyzed the situation and began to offer ads with a high CTR to those who “liked” cool “40KG” posts. But in fact, everything is much simpler! Many earn millions simply on the ad "Men's pants - 60%", which is seen by all the men of the country! So do not listen to the very smart and advanced who drive show-offs. It should be easier and hit in one direction!

Learning to arbitrage: what, where and how

So, where to learn the basics of arbitrage for a beginner who is only a little in the subject, but full of determination? What to read, watch, listen to, so that tomorrow you can already cut mullens ?!

So let's start with:


• Courses. Either one is a waste of time and money. No one will teach you anything, unless something rushes to convey to you an almost dead idea that is already 100,500 years old. No one will sell a working theme for money or for an idea, so think about it. free courses - PR of the author. An exception is if the author is not a fool and is gaining a loyal audience. There are some more - first free, and then, when they came to the most important thing - paid ones. This is how the author earns his thousands of dollars and goes nowhere.
• Forums. The only one useful for webmasters is and other affiliate programs on the server you work with. Everything else is a dead number, my friend.
• Literature. We simply do not have it, and what we have is a foreign edition. It doesn't suit us.

It remains only to understand then where to start!

The most important thing in arbitration or the foundation of the basics
So, to become an arbitrator, you need to study and study again. You need to start by studying:
• SEO basics;
• advertising tools;
• targeting rules and so on.
The goal of everything is to learn how to drive traffic, and only after that you can conquer the heights of affiliate marketing!
Where to pour - that is the question ...

Many advanced people believe that you need to pour from only one place. But look at the advertising, which is only getting more and more, because today one is being poured, tomorrow another. And the smart ones think with their heads, and do not listen to 2 specialists!

Clickander, teasers, social networks, pop-ups - you need to pour from everywhere, do not get hung up on one thing. But all this is purely individual. Here you can rely only on effective advice from those who are really in the subject and your own experience. Something to start with!

An important point is investing in your own traffic. Arbitrage is good, but you also need to make sure. It's just that everything is going to the fact that arbitration will be banned, and those who give advertisements will themselves "get" traffic from popular channels. But your contextual sites will become the place where they cannot put their ads, so think about it!

By the way, to get started you need a minimum amount of funds. affiliate programs are always ready to borrow if you succeed. At the same time, you don’t need to wait for something tomorrow, you need to start today, because tomorrow will be harder!

And don't stop if everything worked out. You need to come up with something else, bold, bold, not like the others!