How to effectively feed dating through Facebook?



How effective is Facebook dating?


How to effectively feed dating through Facebook?


Effective arbitrage through Facebook implies the possibility of earning income due to the performance of certain actions by users on the promoted site (registering an account, making a purchase, liking, filling out a form. It is important for an arbitrage to choose an effective vertical to drain traffic. The most popular of them for new specialists is dating arbitrage. This vertical specializes in users who want to get to know each other.The main task of a specialist is to attract active users to the website of the affiliate program for a specific purpose, which will bring profit to the specialist himself.
The popularity of all kinds of dating sites and sites allows you to set up an effective advertising campaign within a popular social network. To complete the task, it is enough to create a so-called creative and carefully consider the choice of an offer, since the initial amount of income will depend on it. It is fashionable to work simultaneously with several partners, but for the successful implementation of such tasks, you will need to carefully consider the process of implementing an advertising campaign and the nuances of the work of Facebook itself. So, it is impossible to effectively drive traffic from only one account, since moderators can block such personal pages, since open spam on the resource is prohibited. Setting up links to attract arbitration is done through your personal account.


How is Facebook dating traffic arbitrage implemented?

Professional arbitration for dating via Facebook is implemented by attracting a dedicated target audience to the offer of an affiliate program. It is focused on dating and finding friends (dating). A beginner should start pouring traffic with the author of 1-2 offers. To do this, you need to go to your FB account and set a specific search query directly in the section with communities and public pages. The simplest search is "dating dating" or simply "dating". You should not go to the very first groups on request, as there may be high competition in them, which will noticeably affect the first results of small attraction of the target audience. Better to go to large communities tied to a particular city or region. After that, you need to submit a request to the administrator with a request to create a new advertising campaign. After the official approval comes and go to the creative development procedure. This can be done directly through the advertising office.

It is highly recommended to think over not only textual accompaniment, but also use graphic files that will help to attract the attention of a certain audience and increase the number of actions taken. It is necessary to closely monitor the subject matter of the content itself. Otherwise, the administration may block the ad without giving a reason or impose unnecessary restrictions directly on the personal account. Additionally, it is worth evaluating the overall result of each individual campaign and conducting a detailed analysis of the results, which will allow you to easily establish effective interaction with the provider of these services.

You can run multiple advertisements at the same time, but the results are tracked separately for each one. At the end of the work, the cost of each individual click or the action itself is calculated. For example, you will need to separately assess the effectiveness of the campaign depending on the total number of ad impressions and other information. Experts will be able to assess the opportunity to effectively increase the size of income, regardless of the region of promotion. Dating allows you to get quick results with a properly built Facebook arbitration policy.


Advantages of the dating vertical when interacting with FB

Effective traffic arbitrage through Facebook allows you not only to attract a certain target audience to the offer and receive a certain monetary reward from its actions, but also to use a list of certain privileges:

• you can effectively start pouring on dating even in the absence of impressive experience and opportunities to use the initial large budgets;
• minimal initial investment, thanks to which even a beginner can easily cope with setting up an advertising campaign;
• the ability to quickly customize the creative in accordance with the requests of a potential client;
• the ability to conduct effective campaigns with the simultaneous attraction of 3-4 offers;
• simple actions of users (filling out a questionnaire, registering, entering personal data) are well paid, so arbitrage specialists spend minimal financial investments for active development.


Where can I get Facebook accounts for arbitration?

There are two ways to find Facebook accounts for dating arbitrage - through a special exchange or with the help of a private specialist. Self-creation of numerous accounts is a rather complicated measure that does not always bring a decent result, but there is an option for quickly attracting new users. It is important that the advertising campaign is tailored to the needs of the target audience. If a new account participates in the creation of a creative, then it may be subject to the blocking procedure, since it does not meet the requirements of the social network. This will have a rather negative effect on the process of attracting traffic, so for promotion it is better to use landing pages that are attached to a certain region and have a validity period of at least 6 months.

Buying an account through the exchange is distinguished by its high reliability and efficiency. So, it is possible to select the personal pages of certain users who live in certain regions. We recommend buying ready-made accounts on our website