How to fund betting via Facebook?



How to drive betting on Facebook?


Как лить на беттинг через Facebook?


Professional arbitration on Facebook provides for the selection of a suitable traffic source that will help you get the most material benefits within a short period of time. Betting, in this case, belongs to the category of the most promising verticals, which is tuned to a certain eventfulness. To successfully drain traffic to betting services, it is necessary to carefully analyze the sports calendar in order to attract a large volume of active online users.


What features is endowed with traffic arbitrage on Facebook betting?


Arbitrage for betting on Facebook is considered to be quite a profitable direction for affiliates. They receive material payments directly for attracting new categories of users to bookmakers. The betting market is notable for its vastness; now there are several dozen active offices operating not only within the Russian Federation, but also in the CIS countries, Asia and Europe. They constantly need new active users, so developers turn to affiliates directly to attract them.

When draining traffic to betting, there are several main sources, among which there is a popular social network Facebook. It is quite important to choose the right strategy for interacting with the platform in order to avoid unnecessary restrictions or to protect yourself from being blocked by FB moderators.


Stages of traffic arbitrage for betting


Fast traffic arbitrage via Facebook is available to more experienced specialists who understand the peculiarities of the FB advertising office and are ready to spend some time analyzing the audience and selecting the best fingers with which to "catch" the most active users. The start of the traffic drain process directly depends on the experience of the affiliate marketer who is involved in this process. If he has not previously worked with this social network, then it is worth trying with the simplest offer in order to exclude a large drain of the budget for an unpromising method. To do this, a specialist takes on setting up a simple campaign using an advertising account on Facebook, it needs to be optimized and attracted several Leads.

The step-by-step diagram includes the following steps:

• selection of a suitable offer by analyzing public pages and public pages for the presence of a certain amount of target audience, which can participate directly in arbitration;

• selection of a relevant traffic source in which the target audience is present;

• selection and top three of effective creative, setting up an advertising campaign directly through your personal account;

• evaluation of the effectiveness of the selected campaign and optimization for client's requests;

• scaling an advertising campaign, if the primary results suit the affiliate marketer.

It is important to carefully consider the process of setting up the campaign, since the theme of gambling and bookmaking is officially prohibited on the FB social network. From the very beginning, it is worth taking up the search for specialized publics that are suitable for performing the promotion process in sports topics. This includes an entrance and platforms, channels and communities with a paying audience of 18+. Basically, it is worth focusing on attracting male users (the average age is from 21 to 45 years old). It is important that they are interested in sports matches and sports in general. After the selection of several suitable publics, it is worth moving on to the analysis of the main target audience.

Anbitrazhnik carefully checks the quality of the target audience. It is important to identify the total volume of bots and fakes by using special tools for this purpose. Now you can find many free programs that will allow you to quickly analyze the audience. After the completion of the preparatory work, the specialist submits a request to the administrator about the implementation of the advertising campaign. At this stage, the details of the implementation of the advertising campaign and the cost are alienated placement, after that you will need to start creating an ad and selecting additional content (a thematic picture or video). After the launch, you should carefully monitor the effectiveness of your ad using the ad account. In those places that will bring the greatest influx of users, you can shop again. To do this, it is worth using not one, but several active advertising accounts in order to avoid blocking by the social network and guarantee an additional level of security.
Benefits of draining traffic to betting using an FB advertising account:
• a large audience of adult users who are interested in looking for an additional source of income;
• Convenient personal account for setting up advertising campaigns (targeted ads, native or contextual advertising);
• several payment models for getting quite impressive earnings when using certain schemes;
• high speed of traffic receipt with a competent approach;
• the ability to attract users from a specific country or region, selection of an audience by age and gender;
• the possibility of earning income through various active actions - clicks, filling out a registration form, confirming identity by phone or e-mail.


Where can I get Facebook accounts for arbitrage in betting?

Active Facebook accounts for arbitrage in betting will help make the traffic drain process as efficient as possible. Since Facebook does not officially work with many verticals of traffic arbitrage (betting, gambling, slots), the affiliates run the risk of being blocked at the stage of implementation or distribution of advertising campaigns. Additional FB accounts will help protect yourself from such problems, with the help of which you can implement numerous advertisements in selected communities. Self-creation of profiles is a long and risky undertaking, so it is much easier to buy ready-made Facebook accounts for arbitrage. This approach will allow you not to stop a prohibited advertising campaign in the event of emergency situations.
There are two optimal methods for buying FB profiles - through a specialized exchange or through a private specialist. Purchasing accounts on the website is a fairly automated process. An arbitrage specialist can select profiles with a certain expiration date, as well as already confirmed accounts with an attached number and an open advertising cabinet. After that, he makes a payment and receives login information - login and password.