How to log in to your Facebook account correctly

In this article, we will look at the basic rules and features for securely logging in to your purchased account.

We strongly recommend using the anti-detect browser and unique proxies for each new account when working with Facebook. You can read more about this by clicking on the links at the bottom of this article.


There are 3 ways to log in to your account

1. Login with a username and password (standard method)
2. Login via cookies (recommended method)
3. Authorization via the services (disputed)


Login by login


Nothing complicated here. Just go to the site and in the login and password window, enter your data.
The login can be in the phone and email format


Login by cookies


We recommend that you log in to your account using cookies because this does not reduce the trust of your account compared to the standard login method.

You can read more about what cookies are and how to log in to your account using them here


Authorization via the services


Many people log in to Facebook through various services.

What is the sequence of actions.

1. Visit the site and click Log In, choose Facebook as the exit method
2. Enter your username and password from your account in the pop-up window
3. In the new tab, go to the Facebook site
4. Success, you have successfully logged in.

This method of entry is definitely better than the standard one, but in practice, the increase in the trust due to this is not proven. Many say that it increases the trust, many say that it on the contrary harms the account.


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