What are the types of Facebook accounts


There are a huge number of different accounts available on the market for working with Facebook advertising cabinets. In this article, we will look at the most popular ones and try to understand which accounts are still more suitable for us to work with.

Basically, accounts are divided into several categories:

1. Autoregues

2. Self-registration
3. Bruty and logs




As a rule, these accounts are created by bots (software).
The average market price is around 15 rubles.
From the plus, you can only notice their cost, but their quality leaves much to be desired because in the process of creation there is absolutely no human factor and Facebook sees the same type of actions.
This method of pharma accounts do not live long, they are poorly suited for advertising, but for light spam or cheating likes - they are quite suitable.




Perhaps the best option for creating ads and working with Facebook in general. Such accounts are created in the farm departments by real people without the help of any programs.
During the creation process, all possible factors are analyzed and it is difficult for Facebook filters to suspect mass registration in order to block the entire bundle of accounts.


Brutus and logs


These are the accounts of a real person who has lost their access to their Facebook accounts. As a rule, various hackers use malware to get into the victim's computer and extract login and password data (in various cases, cookies and user agent)

What is on the plus side-advertising from these accounts is very well launched because the former owner from several months to several years actively used his page and Facebook has formed a great trust in this account.


What's the downside - the account owner can restore their access to the page at any time and you will lose control over it.


There are several other expressions such as:

Svezheregi - accounts created recently.

Staroregi-accounts with a large otlezhka (old registration date)

Farm akki-accounts that were created (farmed)


We have sorted out the main categories of accounts. But that's not all. All accounts from the above categories have different content for your personal page. Let's look at the most popular options.


Accounts filled with friends


The most stable accounts for working with Facebook advertising features. The advantage of these accounts is its fullness (photos, avatar, cover art, and wall posts).
Often there are accounts with filled-in information about the place of study, work, and so on - but according to our extensive practice, this data does not affect the quality of the account.
But the presence of friends (preferably from 50 pcs) greatly increases its importance in the eyes of the FB filter.
Here you can proceed from a simple logic-Facebook is a machine that has a large amount of data and understands perfectly well that a real Facebook user will not create advertising campaigns if he does not have a certain number of friends. Therefore, it is very important that you have friends on your accounts.


Accounts filled without friends


These accounts differ from the higher ones only by the absence of friends. We strongly recommend that you type them yourself. Just do it carefully-Facebook does not like sudden movements.


Accounts with a token


These are accounts for autofill and usually have an EAAB token included. You can read more about tokens and the autofill procedure here.

These accounts can go with or without friends.


Empty accounts


These are the weakest accounts and are completely unsuitable for working with Facebook ads. As a rule, on such accounts, you learn how to log in to your account correctly and get acquainted with all the functions of the network.



We recommend that you use only self-registration forms filled in with your friends when working with Facebook.


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