Facebook creatives for gambling, nutra, dating



What creatives go to Facebook for arbitrage on gambling, nutra, dating


Facebook creatives for gambling, nutra, dating

Before examining the most effective Facebook creatives, you need to understand the question of what is Facebook arbitration and what are its main principles. In short, arbitrage is about attracting clients for an advertiser for a clearly fixed fee. For example, 120 rubles for each registration in the desired service, or a 10% share of each sale. Of the huge number of advertising sources, the social network Facebook is considered the most effective tool.
However, it should be understood that Facebook arbitrage is ambiguous, because at some points the social network is quite complex. Further in the article, we will talk about the features of arbitrage, audience and creatives that work best.


The beginning of the path in FB arbitrage to gambling, nutra, dating


Facebook is not suitable for everyone, because despite the great popularity of the service all over the world, its Russian audience is relatively large. Most use Instagram and VKontakte. However, the social network is ideal for bourgeois traffic (foreign traffic). Official statistics provide the following statistics:
• active daily audience - more than 1.62 billion users;
• users with high incomes (about 74% of them);
• about 40% of the audience are people aged 65 and over, because adolescents prefer other social networks;
• only 6% of income comes from PCs, and 94% from mobile devices;
• The average cost per click on Facebook is estimated at $ 1.67, but this figure can vary by niche.
Statistics show that Facebook traffic arbitrage is still a very relevant direction, because the audience is very large, and besides, it is solvent. Therefore, finding your niche will not be difficult.


Audience and offer launch

To understand which creatives will give the best results, you need to study in detail the audience of the social network, as well as their requests. Users are quite loyal to all kinds of links, which is why Facebook arbitrage is so attractive. The reason for this loyalty is the relatively small amount of ads compared to other sites.
Facebook on the territory of the Russian Federation shows very good results - about 21.7 million visitors who use the social network at least once a month. The most impressive age group is people 25-34 years old (in percentage terms, 35.3% of the audience), as well as 35-44 years old (in percentage terms, 32.6% of the audience). It turns out that the FB allows you to send not only foreign traffic, but also for Russia and the CIS as a whole.
Beginners are advised to start traffic arbitrage through Facebook on any simple offers. You will need to set up a small campaign, optimize it and try to get at least a couple of leads. For ease of understanding, you should adhere to the following scheme:
• choose the most attractive offer;
• search for relevant traffic, where the required target audience is present;
• create creatives and set up an advertising campaign;
• optimize and evaluate the effectiveness of the launched campaign;
• in case of a satisfactory result, scale up.


Most Popular Offers on Facebook


In theory, any offer is suitable for arbitrage traffic through Facebook, but in reality, everything is a little different. The following offers are the most profitable at the time of 2021:
• product - these can be various hobby products (includes "white" and "gray" products);
• nutra - a huge list of health and beauty products, products for the older age group are especially popular (for example, a means for potency);
• dating and dating - official advertising of such services is prohibited, so workarounds are needed;
• betting and gambling - sports bets and online casinos that are prohibited.


Creation of catchy creative for product, nutra, gambling, dating

Now we are smoothly moving on to ad creatives that will definitely reach a large audience of the social network. To create a truly unusual and engaging ad campaign, it's worth following proven guidelines.
Dark background color. It is generally accepted that a dark background is popular with most Facebook users. For people, this color is closely associated with luxury and authority. Thus, the product or service can be presented in a more presentable way. People at the subconscious level will understand that the product is really high quality and has undeniable advantages.
Be different from your competitors. Even if an advertising campaign offers a completely non-unique ordinary product, you need to capture the audience with originality. Statistics show that unusual creatives with a twist attract many more people than previously expected.
Movement is life. Instead of static banners, it is recommended to use dynamic content that people find more attractive. You can create bright animation that could be associated with the advertised brand in the future. You can start with something simple - changing price figures, a moving arrow. The next step is to evaluate the ad format and test its effectiveness.
Graphic drawings. The audience responds very well to various stylish graphics. Sometimes simple and laconic images evoke a much greater audience response than pretentious photos and other promotional materials.
Life stories. The FB audience is very fond of posts where people describe a life situation. Thus, a person associates himself with the main character of the creative, which often allows attracting more leads. The topic can be almost anything: lifestyle, sports, income, diet, marriage, etc. In some cases, creatives can reach 100% hit rate, especially if it's a personal brand ad.
Video. Not everyone has the equipment and means to create a promotional video, but if all of the above is available, then it is worth listening to the following tips:
• rule of 3 seconds - in the first 3 seconds a potential client should already understand what will be discussed next, otherwise he will simply scroll further;
• the duration of the video is within 15-20 seconds, longer videos are tiresome, because the clients did not come to the cinema and, moreover, the allotted time will be quite enough for the presentation of the product;
• video with an aspect ratio of 4x5 - this size is ideally created for the screens of modern smartphones, which account for the most FB traffic;
• subtitles in the video are very necessary, because many users watch videos without sound;
• a call to action is the most important thing, because the client must understand what to do (buy a product, go to the store, etc.).
In fact, the recipe for good creativity is pretty simple. First, you need to take interesting content that will contain a clear message, and then add good graphics, catchy text. It is also important not to forget about the non-standard approach, which will certainly bear fruit.


The message embedded in the creative should be read literally at a subconscious level. After all, it is he who brings sales, which in turn makes Facebook arbitrage a profitable and promising activity.


Another important thing for FB arbitrage

To do this professionally, you need Facebook accounts for arbitrage, otherwise you will not be able to pour the required amount of traffic. However, not any account is suitable, because if you arbitrate on newly created accounts, the FB will quickly block them. Therefore, old accounts created at least a year ago are in great demand. Old accounts have increased network activity limits, besides, the social network bans them less and is generally more loyal. To this end, they even set up new accounts on Facebook and give them a little "settling", and advertising activity on them begins only after a year or two.
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